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This shooter-based online video game set up the players to perform several short missions to kill the terrorist group by being part of a counter-terrorist unit. The players need to rescue their captured lands and hostages by hunting down their rivals to every corner of the map. Save your land from the hands of terrorists in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege APK.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Apk Information:

App nameTom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege
VersionVaries with device

About Gameplay:


Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is an online shooting video game in which the players try to kill the terrorist group called “White Masks” and rescue the hostages from the captured areas. In this first-person game, the players act as a member of Counter-Terrorist Units (CTUs) that are on a mission to free the lands from the hands of the terrorists.

To end the rule of the terrorists, players chose disparate operators belonging to four different units with distinct nationalities, gadgets, and weapons to plan the attack on the terrorist base camps. Download and enjoy playing the mod for DEAD TRIGGER 2.

The player can pick to play as attackers or defenders that depend on the counter-terrorist unit’s gameplay. The player can select any operator playing as an attacker or defender from any unit before a single round of a match begins.

Moreover, the players need to choose their guns and spawning points before they enter the war zone. The players earn the in-game currency known as “Renown” based on their performances, which can be used to recruit other operators or purchase weapons.




The game Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is a single-player/multiplayer shooter game that provides players with missions to complete in every round of a match. The game revolves around the scenario in which a terrorist group has captured some territories of a nation and operating their bases on them. You may also download Real Steel APK for free.

To destroy the terrorist bases, four counter-terrorist units from the Rainbow team are geared up on a mission to secure their lands from the terrorist organizations and rescue their citizens taken as hostages. To accomplish the task goals, the player needs to choose several operators from the active counter-terrorism units and kill the terrorists in every round of the match.

Once an area is taken from the terrorists, a player can recruit other operators from the members of the rescued area using in-game currency. Moreover, the player can choose any custom map and game mode to play the game.


Game Features:


The game is played in a first-person perspective as a single-player or multiplayer at a time. It focuses more on the graphics of the destructive environment and how the players are cooperating with their teammates. The game features five disparate gameplay modes and twenty maps to play.

The gameplay modes consist of Bomb, Hostage, Terrorist Hunt, Secure Area, Situations, Tactical Realism, and Outbreak consisting of several objectives to complete with it. The player can freely select any map he/she wants to play in. The game also provides the players with a feature to plant explosives to destroy the structures of the captured areas and shoot walls to create holes in them.

The bullets that come under the category of bullet penetration system provide less damage to rivals as compared to other weapons. The players are provided with different strategies in the attacker or defender playing modes.




Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is an online game based on tactical shooting in which players are provided with short missions to kill the terrorist troops in several rounds of a map.

The game has excellent graphics and cinematography that engage the player’s interest in it. It can be played for free without registration in offline mode.


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