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Robot Boxing has progressed with the advent of World Robot Boxing 2 (MOD Unlimited Gold and Money). Do you have the guts to reach the doorway of a new world, the World of Robot Boxing Championship? The door is always opened before you.

World Robot Boxing 2 Mod Apk Information:

App nameWorld Robot Boxing 2
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Gold and Unlimited Money

But, the game is not set in so remote future. This stunning and impressive arcade game is associated with the bliss of modern technology that focuses on the Robot Boxing Game. But this game will provide you with the opportunity to give vent to your boxing skills and develop strategies and ideas.


Players will get the opportunity to collect 66 astounding robots from 14 different countries. They will be able to battle with robots from 6 Robot Classes. Gamers will be able to experience battles across 12 exciting arenas! They will deserve special means in unlocking 48 ‘Over-the-top’ Signature Moves.

As an enthusiastic player, you will be able to enter into competition in Multiple Game Modes. You can also upgrade your robots with ‘Rank-up’ and ‘Level-up’ items.

Players can deserve the credit of winning Milestones as well as Ranks bestowed upon them in the form of rewards. Reach the top of the Leaderboard. Play this new Zombie Gunship MOD APK Unlimited Coins.

Boxing with Robots!

Nowadays, the art of boxing has been taken as the subject of a game like World Robot Boxing 2 that is set in the Future. To be precise, the Future will be waiting to greet the players at its very door. The robot is an invention of Science and with the passage of time and advancement in technology, there has been much progression in their behavior, speech, and appearance.

The game in discussion reveals the fact that in the future robots will emerge as more powerful humanoids. The game gives a call to the players all over the world with the promise that if they win they will be the next legend in the world of Boxing.

Evolution of Robot Boxing

World Robot Boxing 2 is ready to greet the lovers of boxing right at its door. Gamers should get themselves prepared to indulge in an experience that marks the ‘Evolution of Robot Boxing.’ Players will discover themselves in the midst of the epic battles facing their opponents in a challenging position.

To witness such gameplay that involves much spirit and enthusiasm besides the guts to get involved in daring challenges, one must not wait to pre-register for experiencing the game. To be more clear, one who loves boxing should not miss the chance to participate in ‘A World Phenomena’ that involves bracing himself for epic battles.

Post immense success of one of the most loved as well as downloaded fighting games associated with Robots in the whole world, one must get ready to witness the challenging and amazing gameplay of World Robot Boxing 2.

Epic Battles

The game World Robot Boxing 2 is intentionally designed for Android devices. Players will be able to get the game controls right in the palm of their hands almost in their finger’s tip. Truly, it is a game; the one and only sequel to possibly the top simulators relating to Boxing with fearsome robotic boxers that the boxing lovers have been waiting for a long.

Players will be able to experience Epic Battles, a gaming experience that is totally new! Gamers can have glimpses of enchanting Epic Battles with robots who are the smartest ones! You may also want to download Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

In addition to these, the matchless combination of blows will add to the essence of the gameplay together with thrilling and electrifying non-stop challenging fights. So, players should get themselves ready to plunge into battle for achieving the belt of champion in the company of the world’s strongest robots.


So, if you are one of those players who are interested to witness Robot Boxing, don’t lose time pre-register for playing the game on your Android device. World Robot Boxing 2 presents you with superior quality as well as detailed high leveled 3D Graphics.

Conquer battlegrounds

Players can master distinctive combos and also defeat steel opponents in dynamic Versus Battles, weekly Live events as well as challenging quests on a daily basis.  One who loves to play this game can transform his steel warriors into influential champions by battling in the World Boxing Championship Storey Mode and also in Global Tournaments. Players can diversify their roster and collect RoboRoyales, BlitzBots plus WarDroids Robots with a view of participating in respective Brand Events.

Players can promote (upgrade) their Mech Monsters, evolve with every fight.

Game Spirit

Besides, the game offers its players a pleasant interface in addition to controls that are easy to learn. So, mastering the art of boxing will not be a matter of difficulty. Dynamic gameplay, as well as Classic Game Mechanics, adds to the spirit of the gameplay and one is reminded of his school days when one used to fight with his classmates.

In short, the game reminds one of the school fighting games.

As a player, get yourself involved in challenging combats showing full enthusiasm in the spirit of a true boxer. You have to bear in mind that you will have to win the title of the best boxer in order to make your place permanent amongst boxing legends. Therefore, you must make desperate attempts to defeat your opponents no matter how much power they are!

Players must engage themselves in the most challenging boxing fights with gigantic robot bosses and display before the audience a praiseworthy vision of the championship.

Dip in the thrilling excitement of achieving your one and only goal and that is becoming the boxing championship. Though it has been hinted at the beginning of this article readers are again reminded that the game is a guide in letting the players develop their boxing skills.

Players should make a good try to achieve prominence in World Robot Boxing 2. They must unleash their fighting style with deadly jabs as well as special moves in addition to uppercuts to achieve victory to win the game. But one should not enter the Ring of World Robot Boxing without having a plan in his mind.

The game can be downloaded free of charge. You can buy some real items with actual money.


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