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Zombie Gunship (MOD Unlimited Coins): The Game for Annihilating Endless Hordes of Zombies.

Zombie Gunship Mod Apk Information:

App nameZombie Gunship
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Coins

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About the game

When you start playing Zombie Gunship, you are put in the seat of the gunner in a ground attack aircraft. You are in charge of the very heavily armed AC-130 aircraft. This is a strategic game where you would be required to fire away your guns to slay the zombies.

The shooting, however, is not mindless and has to be done in a bit of a strategic manner. The zombies that come in waves, have to be finished off and the survivors that remain need to be protected at all costs. The situation is that of an ongoing zombie apocalypse and needs to be protected.

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Game Features

When you are playing this game, you will be able to access the 3D night vision to cover the areas during night time. You also have the facility of making use of the radar and detecting the threat of the undead moving around the base.

The base needs to be protected from different attacks. It can be said that you are the last line of defense for the entire human civilization. Zombie Gunship is a game that tests your shooting skills as well as the ability to identify the different areas that are required to be cleared before others.

  1. Guns galore 

    There are lots of different guns that you can use on the course of playing the Zombie Gunship. The guns look as well as the sound really authentic. The evergreen Gatling gun is, therefore, a company as well as the infamous Bofors cannons. You can also select a certain Howitzer for making the zombies grovel in the dust. Gamers are simply spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting guns in this game. Hence if you simply want to go on a shooting spree, you can definitely enjoy playing this game. The bird’s eye view of the entire landscape is an added bonus.

  2. Completing objectives 

    The ranking system of this game is quite comprehensive in nature and provides you with different objectives to complete. You need to earn different ranks as well as outgun different members who are part of the leaderboard. The zombie apocalypse spreads like a plague in Zombie Gunship. Hence you need to clear out certain sectors in the game. Once you clear out an area, you will be getting a good bounty. There are specific ranks that you will get for killing off the zombies in the different areas of the landscapes.

  3. Getting ahead in the game 

    There are lots of guns that you can use in the game. The levels keep getting harder as you proceed through the game. You need to, therefore, upgrade your guns from time to time. By increasing the efficiency of these guns, you can kill off the zombies very easily. The game supports the use of a gamepad. You can, therefore, have a really great shooting experience by playing the game using a gamepad. Your fingers will become trigger-happy when playing Zombie Gunship. Your progress in the game is saved in the cloud. You can, therefore, gain access to the game from other devices too.

All in all, this is the perfect strategy game for those of you who like action, playing with armed planes against the zombies!


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