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Learn How to Survive Playing Survive: The Lost Lands. You can download the game for free from our website.

Survival is the key to living life. Life is all about teaching us the survival essence while we deal with everyday lessons of hardship revolving around ups and downs. But what if we get to train and enjoy such survival lessons in the form of android games?

About the game

Survive The Lost Lands is an Android smartphone game developed by AGaming+. It was last updated on 27th August 2017 thus offering us the current version of 1.07.

With more than 100000 installs, the game has been in popular demand especially for game players who are rather adventurous.

It is rather fascinating to have practical training on survival with limited resources, weaponry, and arms while you judiciously use each of those and cross every stage. The theme of the game makes it even more realistic thus, guaranteeing that players indulge themselves not only on the surface. They lose themselves entirely while playing and targeting each of the thrilling levels.

The game is all about losing oneself on a lone island, all mysterious and adventurous, while one uses his survival skills and instincts to cross the levels. There are resources and craft items while the player is required to seek and collect those and use them wherever and whenever necessary. There are animals and savages that one needs to fight against for survival.

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Game Features

  • Spectacular graphics and animation features.
  • Weapons and armor availability.
  • Wild and maroon island tale.
  • Regular updates are available to fix bugs and improve performances.
  • Splendid weapons and tools to combat enemies, animals, and savages.
  • Weapons range from axes, spears, firearms to bullets and bows. All you have to do is collect them and put them to use whenever highly mandated.
  • Wildness and beauty combined with eye-catching fauna. That makes the game graphics even more colorful.
  • Advanced building mechanism for the players to build on water, trees, etc.
  • Huge varieties of craft items for survival.
  • Hunt, gather, research, build and craft to survive. That is the basic requirement for you to get through the game.

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With 3.9 ratings from users and players on Google Play Store, Survive The Lost Lands require an Android version from 4.3 and above. The app sizes 31M and is often regarded by reviewers as the closest to real-life survival game on Google Play.

It is a multiplayer game with excellent graphics that catch attention owing to its beauty and mind-blowing adventure tales.  Apart from graphics, the game focuses on lighting, ambiance, dark immersion, etc.

Recent changes

Updates have been made keeping in mind the issues arising as communicated by regular users.

  • Some weapons were reloaded.
  • Issues concerned while using weapons such as spears were fixed
  • And other mandated changes were made in order to make the app even more comfortable as per users’ needs

Then what are you waiting for? Know how to survive with limited resources and build your own quest. Lead your own journey all in order to survive. Download and Install Survive The Lost Lands APK now!


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