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Let’s Fire the Grey Cells to Solve the Ultimate Chain of Puzzles! You can download the Thimbleweed Park APK game for free from our website.

About the game

Thimbleweed Park is a point and clicks game based on the genre of adventure. The original paid version game was developed by Terrible Toybox in the last quarter of 2017. Our team has cracked it for free.

With the dying business of point-and-click games, this game tries to make a comeback and sure its promotion ticked all checkboxes for a successful run in the market.

The game is a conglomeration of a presentation beyond imagination and an intricate puzzle-solving ability. Drawing heavy inspiration from veteran games of the same genre as LucasArts and Monkey Islands, Thimbleweed Park is engaging with innumerable puzzles chains that test the player’s patience and reflex, firing his brain cells more than expected.

Background of the game

The game starts with five people having no connection to each other (or so it seems) who have been assembled in a town long forgotten to mankind.

This is where the mystery begins and these people are well connected to each other which they have no knowledge of and every move they make is being watched. They are expected to notice missing items to solve puzzles to move forward through the game.

To avoid the game from becoming stressful, the developers have introduced light and a quirky environment with a funny one-liner here and there.

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Game Features

Thimbleweed park comes in two difficulty modes – casual and hard. The casual mode mainly consists of very easy puzzles; where it is impossible for the player to miss out on the chance of getting the puzzles solved correctly in one go.

All arduous puzzles are eliminated and instead of different backdrops, the backdrop remains the same with different puzzles. The developers have tried to make the experience of the casual mode more narrative-oriented than puzzle-oriented. So, the casual mode is perfect to understand the game.

The hard mode of Thimbleweed Park is very similar to another game – LucasArts. This level is a mix of categorical wicked and simple puzzles at the same time. The setting at this level is an intriguing environment, with a spark of horror along with humor.

These features ensure maximum gaming experience. But this level also comes with a bonus of hints available for the players and a checklist that helps them keep a track of what to do.

This is only because this level is the maximum level of adventure that will tweak the player’s brain cells to the extreme level to get a puzzle solved. All puzzles are interlinked and the solution of one leads to the hint for the next puzzle.

Thimbleweed Park, set in 1987 keeps triggering the player’s nostalgia and preaches a lot about the culture of the adventure game genre. But that is not everything; it has an interesting story that unfolds as the player progresses through the game. This is a game that might not be accepted by all and sundry.

There are sections that might interest and amuse players while others that do not live up to their expectations. But with the dwindling future of click-and-point adventure games, Thimbleweed Park is an outright refreshing one trying to bring back the good old nostalgia.

Have A Good Time Playing Thimbleweed Park on Android!


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    Thanks..Game Works for me

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