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Why Will You Choose Survival Island Evo Pro – Survivor Building Home?

You can download the Survival Island EVO PRO APK game for free from our website.

About Survival Island Evo Pro Android

Are you looking for a new adventure game that will get you hooked to the screen? Then you have landed in the right place. Here you will get to know more about Survival Island Evo Pro.

Most of you have surely played many adventure games but this game will surely take you one step higher. The maker of the game Pridegamestudio has made sure that no stone remains unturned to give you the right dose of adventure.

Survival Island EVO PRO Android is now available, paid version in the play store for the Android user. But, our team has developed this game your you, for free. This offer remains for a limited period so hurry up and download the game and start experiencing the adventure of a lifetime. The game has got an overwhelming response from the users. The game is upgrading at regular intervals, bringing new features every now and then to keep the players hooked to it. The game is surely here to stay! Try the Superman mode in Minecraft Mod

Game Features

  • Travel over the uninhabited region.
  • Build your own house from scratch.
  • Use from the large-scale method of building that is available.
  • You get to meet the different animals that inhabit the island.
  • You are provided with arms to survive on the island.

Survival strategies:

  • At first, you need to cut down the trees on the island in order to gather woods.
  • Use the woods to build your house in order to shelter yourself.
  • Make body-protecting shields and weapons to fight the wild animals on the island.
  • Do not keep yourself hungry; instead, collect all the resources that are available to you to keep yourself full.
  • You have to make everything you might need all by yourself with the help of the resources available.
  • Maintain your health, keep tracking your health. You need to maintain your health in order to survive in the game.

Mesmerizing Gameplay!

Survival Island EVO PRO APK comes with a very improved graphics system and high-quality sound. The controllers are very easy to use. The game has got very easy access to it. You will surely get engaged in the game quite easily and stay connected throughout. The adventure quotient just rises with passing time and you love to play it even more. This game will surely make you forget all the other adventure games that you have tried earlier.

Survival Island EVO PRO has now upgraded itself and you will now find more interesting reasons to play it. Firearms have been introduced, so now you can protect yourself from a safe distance from your enemies by using a firearm. Make a gun for yourself or find one from the firearms box. More wild and violent creatures are added to the game. Another cool arcade game is Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

The home island is now filled with wild creatures which are members of the Bone Tribe. Make sure that they don’t capture your home or else you will be left with no shelter. Daily rewards are given. All you need to do is to visit the game every day to receive the rewards which include weapons that are rare but very useful, protecting shields, food, curing products, and also Black Marks.


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