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It’s Boring With Only Shuffling; Why Not Add “Smash Up”?

You can download Smash Up APK game for free from our website.

About Smash Up Android

Creating havoc, widespread devastation, smash up, do these words draw your attention? You love to employ them in your daily life. You are always up to taking revenge or avenging someone in trifle matters. You would surely desire to have such a theme of destroying bases in a game. It’s better within a game! And it is “Smash Updesigned by Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG).

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What’s so special?

Smash Up APK is an ebullient game that can be played among the family members at the table, or at a party. It is a really good game among teenagers who are nowadays prone to sequestration. It can help them to be together enjoying each other’s company rather than trying to connect to the outer world always.

About the factions

There are 8 factions in the Smash Up along with it the minion cards and action cards. The minion cards have ‘name’,  ‘power’(written on the upper left corner), and have ‘ability’ or sometimes ‘talent’. The action cards have only ‘ability which can be used for only one time. They both are played to the base cards. It’s the ability of the card that has a role to play.

The 8 factions are Aliens, Dinosaurs, Ninjas, Pirates, Robots, Tricksters, Wizards, and lastly the dangerous Zombie.

The base card has’ victory’ points (bigger in the center) written on them. They have Breakpoint numbers (on the top right corner) and ‘ability’ written at the bottom which need to be checked during the play. It determines what effect the minion and action cards can have on the base cards.

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How can you smash?

A player needs 15 points on the whole to win. A player has to choose 2 factions to start the Smash Up Android game. They are shuffled among them and made ready. 5 cards are drawn from the shuffled cards are you are ready for the call. The opponent/opponents make the same arrangements with the cards.  Wait, you have to make the base ready, the thing you are planning to destroy. For it, bases should be set as a number of players plus one. The other bases or the base deck should be nearby as when the bases destroy we need to draw another.

Each player gets to play one action and one minion or if the card has the ability he/she can play another action card. In each turn, two cards are played and there from the ‘shuffled’ cards kept aside two new cards are introduced. Every player does the same.

In Smash Up, the cards of the players are playing to base cards. Whoever plays the game/cards if the power number written on the left top of minion and action cards crosses the ‘Breakpoint’ number on the base card, the only thing you wish to is at your hand. You destroy that base and bring another from the stock kept aside.

 What about the score?

The highest “victory” numbers at the center of the card are given to the player who has the highest power and succeeding smaller numbers are awarded to the other players in accordance with their powers.

Thus the Smash Up proceeds, bases are destroyed, new bases are added and ultimately we get a winner with the requisite points.

Have A Good Time Playing Smash Up game on Android!


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  1. Shotsfired says:

    works fine,, thanks,, good game

  2. dkdude2 says:

    It works! Thank you

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