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About Mega Mall Story Android

Mega Mall Story is all about managing a huge mall and attracting more customers. You will be creating a mall of great size and try to attract as many customers as possible. Slowly, you will find that you have risen to the status of a 5-star manager in this business of malls.

There are loads of things that you can experiment with in order to make your mall the best in business. There are fast food joints as well as sushi restaurants that can make your mall stand out. The addition of features such as elevators and escalators, only adds upon the richness quotient. You can even add a heliport with the touch of your fingers.

Attaining mall fever

There is a certain degree of popularity that all players in Mega Mall Story APK wish to achieve. When you have reached this point of popularity, a certain kind of fever gets triggered.  At this point, customers would be thronging your mall in huge numbers.

By creating your mall big and popular, your own influence around surrounding areas will improve greatly. You can, therefore, make some investments in the surrounding areas. The net result would be bringing in more and more customers everywhere. You also tend to become a better citizen in this manner. If you end up building the ultimate mall, you get a mega prize.

Growing the mall

The Mega Mall Story APK game starts off in a humble manner. It is up to you to make it grow into a mall with several levels. When you play this game, there is no chance of losing. Players would be making the money in a slow but steady manner. Everything happens in this simulated world almost automatically. You have the challenge of growing into a mall of sprawling size. You also need to achieve a five-star rating to get more prizes.

Currencies used

There are two big currencies that players have to deal with while playing Mega Mall Story Android. These currencies are hearts and money. These hearts will be gained by you when different shoppers would be interacting with the amenities present in the mall. These hearts can be used for opening up new shops or upgrading existing ones. You can get Unlimited currencies with The Simpsons: Tapped Out Mod.

Players are usually seen to spend cash in building different stores as well as getting into fields of advertising. There are lots of tough decisions that players have to make while playing this addictive game.

Aggressive expansions

You will actually be quite surprised by knowing how big you can let your mall grow. The malls eventually become massive stores complete with basements and helipads. The different upgrades can be placed with the flick of a finger. Players usually become really happy when they see their malls making the money.

You are judged according to your performance at the end of every month. The developers are also trying to constantly bring in improvements in the game. Looking after the needs of customers and maintaining the cleanliness of the surroundings of the mall is quite important in the game. Mega Mall Story, as the name suggests, is a game of epic proportions.

Mega Mall Story: Design Monolithic Malls and Attract More Customers.

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