Puzzle android games work on the concept of implementing a simple genre with the help of a simple idea. Puzzles are solved in order to pass time. The genre got maximum popularity when it was introduced to mobiles. In fact, over the years it was considered to be one of the most popular genres in the world of gaming platforms. Viral games like 2048 gave the genre, the maximum popularity, and recognition. This led to the evolution of more enjoyable games like Telltale Games and Monument Valley. They really offered some of the best gaming experiences.

With the introduction of smartphones, the craze for puzzle android games increased to a great extent. With the use of goofy animations and super simple mechanics, one can easily spend hours on it. The games are fairly intense with each level becoming tougher than the other. Nowadays, puzzle android games also come with a story. This ensures that every game is played with the intention of making it to the last level.