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Is Colorzzle One Of The Simple And Easygoing Games Available At The Play Store?

You can download the Colorzzle APK game for free from our website.

In the game industry, always there has been a small number of developers who love to walk against the tide, and the game developed by them which apparently looked to be doomed to failure ends up making a mark in the industry.

The biggest USP of such developers is simplicity; they have understood the basic concept that not all people are hardcore gamers and some of these love something simple and easy to play.

About Colorzzle Android

This concept gave birth to Colorzzle. Which is probably the most simple and easy-to-understand game currently available for Android devices. The gameplay may be, but one needs to do serious brainstorming to complete the levels.

The popularity of puzzle games saw a steep rise in popularity over the last few years and saw the flooding of such games in several gaming portals, but none of them is as simple and fun as the game Colorzzle APK.

The user does not have to be a game buff to understand the rules and regulations of the game. In the game, the user needs to match the color to unlock the next levels. The game can get challenging at times in spite of being simple to understand as the difficulty level of the game increases with every passing mission. Unlock all the items with the Empires and Puzzles MOD APK.

The game consists of around one hundred missions. Each of them with varying degrees of difficulty. In the beginning, tasks may seem to be a cakewalk, but after completing a few missions, the game gets difficult and challenging.

How to play Colorzzle?

The user now needs to mix colors to produce a different tone and match them to grow flowers and plants. The objective of the game is to match colors that will help the trees and flowers to grow faster.

The player needs to accelerate the growth as it results in quicker completion of levels making it an entertaining affair. The developer of Colorzzle Android feels it has a calming effect on the player’s mind and it can get used as a therapy medium. The original paid version game, Colorzzle is the maiden release of Darong Studios, but the dedication level at the studios confirms that this will not be their last release.

The Dedication of the Developers

The developers at Android4Fun consist of highly dedicated workers who know what’s expected from them and they work tirelessly to achieve that. The updates released from time to time affirm that they are on the right track in becoming one of the best in business. The newer version fixed several of the issues that people faced while using the previous launch. You may also enjoy playing Bridge Constructor Portal Apk.


The game Colorzzle can become a serious learning tool for toddlers as well. The colorful interface of the game can make learning fun and exciting. The game involves no violence and blood. It makes it quite ideal for toddlers and the source of a lot of fun and learning. The reviews of the game are quite positive, and the users seem happy with the work of the developers. The updates from time to time helped the players to continue with their mission without any interruption.

Have A Good Time Playing Colorzzle on Android!


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