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MOD Features: Unlimited Coins, Unlimited Boosters, Infinite Lives, Unlock All Boosters, Unlock All Levels
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Games and gaming are probably the best entertaining acts for kids and teenagers. When we are kids we seem so busy in our outdoor games like jumping ropes, blindfold,s and many more games like that. But as we grow up we start looking for our entertainment indoors.

And helping us in this is our smartphones and laptops or even our tablets. And not only teenagers and kids but also adults have started playing games especially those available on the apps or google play. One such extremely popular game is Toon Blast (MOD Unlimited Coins and Unlimited Boosters). Now for those who are pretty unaware of these gaming zones must be wondering what is this.

Toon Blast Mod Apk Information:

App nameToon Blast
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Coins, Unlimited Boosters, Infinite Lives, Unlock All Boosters, Unlock All Levels

All the ABC of Toon Blast

Developed by Peak games this game was globally launched in 2017.  Very similar to The Candy crush saga, one has to line up similar colored blocks together to get them off the board and clear different goals specified for different levels. You may also read the FRAMED 2 Android article.

Say a level may ask to clear yellow and purple blocks to achieve a particular target or in another one might be expected to clear blocks so that balloons on the board sink to the bottom of it. This is the play pattern of the Toon Blast. Also, the play pattern is designed in a way that of several similar colored blocks are removed together certain rewards like disco balls or bombs or stars or any other sort of boosters are earned which help sail through difficult levels.

Is It Engaging

Toon Blast is an engaging and fun-filled puzzle where players can make the most of the game without the traditional hassles of free-to-play games like pausing the game to watch advertisements or any other delays. The players even have the option of skipping the fanfare at the end of each level for moving on to the next level much more rapidly.

Initially, the players just need to clear a certain amount of any specified color blocks but as the game progresses the players are asked to clear balloons, ducks, or bubbles. As the game and the level progresses the challenges are made tougher with special tools like a hammer that can clear the entire row of blocks to keep the game engaging and free of boredom. One can repeat rounds or can keep playing by paying, though generally enough moves are given so that a player can finish the game before the time runs out.

Though the animal characters that pop up at the beginning of the game seem a bit confusing as one cannot really make out how these characters contribute to the progression of the game. However, their presence is not really distracting from the fact that one can continuously play the game without purchasing or paying.

However, one concerning feature is that one player can converse with other players after reaching a certain level which is not really a concern for adults but can be an issue for a child. Though, this feature can be removed from the app’s setting, so not that pressing of a problem. But all in all, one can find this game really entertaining and one of the best free-to-play games.

A deviation from the Norm

Though pretty much similar in strategy to Candy Crush saga, the pure saga model has been abandoned in this format. Toon blast needs to be played with a strategy otherwise it can get punishing. Now coming to the saga model, it has been abandoned due to-

  • People connect with other friends on their social media accounts now much lesser. Though professional players still stay connected. However, social media platforms especially Facebook gradually decreased and now completely stopped the free vitality of publishing games which use to be its main income back in the day. This is because the users started decreasing due to the irritating spam posting on their walls by these gaming apps and companies. Instead, now social media platforms prefer to give that space to advertisements that earn better revenue without losing on the subscribers or users due to the spam postings. Toon Blast was designed and strategized understanding this fact, where the game instead of allowing connectivity among friends and playing amongst them only now allows the players to play by joining guilds that have active players other including themselves in the game. Download this puzzle game: Mirage: Illusions Apk.
  • Now, this has the advantage that while just connecting and playing with friends the players seem to disengage once their friends start losing interest in the game or engage themselves in some other activities. But here since the players are connected in the guild one is pushed to perform better as active players are always available online. So tends to be engaged actively throughout. Also the active players and send lives or earn cash based on their guild and its active involvement. This goes on to show that with social media involvement becoming less day by day the developers need to develop games that push the players to make their own guild or group and keep themselves engaged.
  • Another reason for deviating from the saga era has been the growth in revenue coming from events and competitions. The games especially app games tend to retain their players by pushing them to compete at more levels and at a faster pace. Special features like ‘ Star Chest’ in Toon Blast where the chest keeps on filling with the stars you earn at the successful completion of a level through the filling up of bars which ultimately grows the chest. These chest rewards made by boosts and coins help the player sail smoothly through the difficult levels. These goal driving and single-player involvement tend to retain the players along with monetization.


With Facebook involvement fading, the game developers have understood that it is going to take much more to engage their users. The Peak Games with Toon Blast have not only tried to expand their audience and player reach but have also gotten rid of the outdated saga format. This has made the game an engaging and entertaining, self-involving gaming app that can be played at any time of the day with any user age group as it is very simple to understand too.


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