Role Playing

The role-playing android games are considered to be the genre with the most loyal followings. These games tend to be pretty interesting. Whether it is the World of Warcraft or the game of Final Fantasy, it has been noted that people loved to spend hours on them. They spend the major portion of their day in crafting characters. They also loved to play around with stories. This was considered to be unique and a lot enjoyable than other games available in the market.

It was the role-playing games that were first introduced to Android. Since then, the games have undergone numerous developments. This has, in turn, widened the choices of playing. So, looking for the best role-playing android games? Well, we have already done it. We have curated a list of the best role-playing games that are highly popular among the people.

Every game comes with its own set of awesome features which makes playing more intense and enjoyable. They are: Exiled Kingdoms, Portal Knights, Witchspring 1-4, Square Enix RPGs, Sorcery 2-4, Postknight, Old School RuneScape, Monster Hunter Stories, , Kemco RPGs, Fire Emblem Heroes and Dragalia Lost, Eternium, Azur Lane, etc.