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MOD Features: Unlimited Gold Core, Unlimited Origin Shard (Wood/Fire/Water/Light/Dark), Infinite Rare Minigod (Flo), Infinite Heavy Gear set, Infinite Divine Essence, Infinite Divine Pearls, Infinite Proof of Pain
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At a time when online games are played vivaciously all across the world, there are some amazing games that are coming up with storylines and gameplays that are bound to get their players hooked to their mobile screens.

And among these trendy and popular games, there are some games that stand out due to their uniqueness. Role-playing games (RPG) are definitely one of the most popular game categories and have some of the best and most interesting games in their collections. Fight for planet earth with God Punch: Idle Defense (MOD Unlimited Gold/ Shard).

In a role-playing game, the user steps into the shoes of a character in the game and plays the game from that point of view. Basically, you are playing the role of a particular character.

One such role-playing game or RPG that has one of the most interesting gameplays and story plots is the God Punch: Idle Defense. Let us see what this game is all about.

God Punch: Idle Defense Mod Apk Information:

App nameGod Punch: Idle Defense
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Gold Core, Unlimited Origin Shard (Wood/Fire/Water/Light/Dark), Infinite Rare Minigod (Flo), Infinite Heavy Gear set, Infinite Divine Essence, Infinite Divine Pearls, Infinite Proof of Pain
CategoryRole Playing

About the gameplay

This game of God Punch: Idle Defense has a storyline that focuses on Earth and how it all began. The story of the game starts with the plot of how at the beginning of time, only chaos (called Abyss) and order (called Gaia) existed.

The Gaia kept or maintained the balance or order with the help of the five elements and their power. This was how Gaia fought against the Abyss. A great game you surely will love is Eternium.

But then one day, Abyss shuts down all the powers of the five elements, leaving Gaia helpless. In order to save the earth, Gaia creates Zero. Zero is a goding whose sole mission is to protect and save the earth from Abyss. As the player, you play the role of Zero.

The features of the game

The game God Punch: Idle Defense boasts of many interesting features. As a player, you should save the earth against many different types of obstacles such as meteorites, intergalactic bosses, etc.

You can also be reborn in the course of the game and each rebirth only makes you stronger than before. Collect mini gods and form a strong undefeatable team for yourself.

There are more than a total of 50 mini gods in the game. There are many types of equipment that you will acquire through the game which will help you fight your various battle. These equipment are helmets, gloves, and other accessories. Together, they can help you become an almighty god.

Details about the game

One of the best things about the God Punch: Idle Defense game is that when you pre-register for the game in the Google play store, you will receive rewards that will later be helpful for your progress in the game. Also, as you progress through the game, you will pass through their various eras of the world.


To conclude, this is definitely an interesting game to play. If you are someone who likes role-playing games that are also adventurous and exciting, then this is the perfect game for you. God Punch: Idle Defense is definitely a good add-on to your mobile screens. So go ahead and save the earth, people!

Fight for planet earth with God Punch: Idle Defense!


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