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MOD Features: Unlimited Gold & Unlock All Heroes
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The role-playing game is infused with frantic battles and epic challenges. As a knight full of uncontrollable rage and burning desire, you enter into the battlefield to fight with your foes and conquer. You confront diverse people who may be friends or enemies. Explore the land of adventure, filled with enigmatic monsters and mighty rivals as you aspire to become the triumphant knight. Descend into the world of Knighthood MOD APK (Unlock All Heroes).

The Rage Knights, men of courage and wisdom, once ruled and protected the planet. Now, it is dominated and manipulated by Lord Karnon’s dark power. As a new valiant warrior, discover the ancient land, battle crooked creatures and combat beasts to your legacy in Order of Rage. Make strategic plans, complete missions, and own new types of equipment.

Knighthood Mod Apk Information:

App nameKnighthood
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Gold & Unlock All Heroes
CategoryRole Playing

Game Features

Wake up your knight inside, and encourage him to play!

Begin your game, build your knight by choosing the best weapons, join the latest adventure-packed role-playing game and enter a mysterious world of fantasy.

  1. Get inspired by Sir Edward Drakeson, the legendary by following the first RPG trials to compete with him for revealing your excellence.
  2. Gauntlet is historically an armored glove which is a strong relic and emblem of the rage order. Strive to pursue it. As you progress in the beautiful realm of Knighthood, you enter Astellan, on the verge of a vibrant world of fantasy.
  3. Build and equip new ancient heroes who can enhance your combat abilities and can support you throughout the journey.
  4. Pave your way through hundreds of battles and quests by collecting legendary objects to transform your rage knight.
  5. Invoke the fury hidden inside your knight to trump over your enemies with power and intrigue.
  6. Plan your heroic agendas and level them up to reign the supreme authority.
  7. Form strategic coalitions or alliances with fellow players and believe in the power of group work.


In this game of fame and fortune, your skill decides your fate. Set in a battleground with a strategic plan and tactical action. As a knight commander, collect powerful heroes, craft equipment with rare elements, and embark on legendary battles to win smart. When you dig deep into the game, you uncover hidden secrets and solve mysteries. You are compelled to combat with tainted creatures, epic miniatures, and deadly beasts. Also, get Unlimited Gems and Unlimited Coins with Eternium MOD APK.

Lead your team by performing daring manoeuvers in the gesture-driven fighting game, and become a great icon. In Knighthood, you rise to higher positions in the hierarchy by mastering your fighting skills. Create a perfect game plan to use guns, a gauntlet, and other collected objects. With an armor of steel and will of iron, you take part in impeccable battles to show your heroic deeds. Protect your land and be a faithful warrior until the end of your quest.

Get ready to stand out of the crowd!

You own your knight. You have all the freedom to showcase your knight in the finest way you wish to. Every knight feels that his armor is his strength. Create a flawless combination of power and fashion to elegantly stand out from the crowd. Build your knight who resembles all the ideal qualities by choosing ultimate suits and equipment. Depict your knight in the mighty armor and stand high in rankings and the PVP arena.


Enter a union:

Sharpen your RPG skills with your companions by beating titanic Guild Bosses.

Create your community: Get your mates together and build an irresistible fraternity–a guild to be their envy. Make them stand as brave knights. Place right miracles on every battle and build a team that invigorates your knight’s abilities. Be vigilant while you choose the team members. Get loyal, engaged, and faithful warriors into your battle.

Chat and talk with real-time guildmates, to reinforce your ties and refine your RPG plan.

Work together and fight together to build a legacy together, to live up to the Order of Rage’s honor.


Knighthood tunes itself and adapts the role-playing game experience to your mobiles and lifestyle apps. In this exhilarating game, unleash new places and traverse the towns, dungeons, and caverns. All the actions can be performed single-handed with epic gesture-driven combat and with a world full of imagination.

Are you crazy fans of role-playing games? If you’re looking for the fascinating adventurous game, you’re in the right place – Dig in to march over your rivals and fight to conquer.

This enthralling game is free to play and anyone with a smartphone can enjoy it by experiencing the thrill. However, it requires payment for some optional game items. To access the game, you have to have an internet connection.

Wintertime is here and Knighthood is ready for the new game mode. It has a roaming monster and a guild boss. The Wintertide hero can be unleashed by a bag full of points. This exciting feature should be utilized before it vanishes away.


Once a great man said, Knighthood lies above eternity. So does this game! The battlefield in Knighthood depicts real-life hurdles and obstacles. It gives you a chance to overcome them and win the glory. The world is under Lord Karnon’s dark power. Everywhere, some people search for a chance to seize power and sit on the throne. This forms the land bleeds and fragile alliances. But are they going to last or collapse before your might? Do you have what it takes to emerge as an almighty victor from this turmoil, to become a widely esteemed Knight of this thrilling and changing world?

Live by the sword, die by the sword. Knights were some of history’s most courageous warriors. Imagine your knight in sparkling armor who is ready to endure a ruthless and intense battle? Let him taste the essence of the battle by knowing how to fight.

Get ready to rage war and show your skill to win the ultimate knight fight.


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