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MOD Features: Unlimited Coins. Unlimited Summoning Tickets & Unlimited Rubies. Infinite Stamina & Infinite Energy
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Sword fighting fun with Sword Master Story MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/ Rubies). Download it for Free from our website.

Sword Master Story Mod Apk Information:

App nameSword Master Story
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Coins. Unlimited Summoning Tickets & Unlimited Rubies. Infinite Stamina & Infinite Energy
CategoryRole Playing

About the Game:

Online gaming and entertainment from it are never-ending. Every new day witnesses an addition to this giant family, and its fate rests in the hands of the world. Sometimes a simple game can be a colossal hit, whereas a complicated one can fail. You can download the Sword Master Story mod apk from our website.

Everything depends on the surprise and the storyline presented by a game. Amid all the promising genres, combat is one that attracts people from all parts of the world. The latest member of this family is the Sword Master Story. You can get Unlimited Crystals resources with Immortal: Reborn Mod Apk.

More details about the game:

An empire betrayed by intruders and enemies calls out the only Sword Master for help, expecting him to defend the world and restore its lost glory. Sword Master Story from the Super Planet franchise revolves around how the only sword master protects the world from mighty enemies.

Gold Dungeon, Dark Dragon, Dark Lord’s Tower, etc. are some of the exploration places belonging to this world. Heroes and weapons from mythology can be summoned to aid in winning the intense battles. The Dual Blade turns the entire game with its fast attacking techniques and improves a player’s skills.

Betrayed by a trusted colleague, the player is the only Sword Master who defends the Empire with guidance from a Goddess. Gathering different Goddesses helps in progressing the game swiftly. You can get Unlimited Coins and Unlimited Rubies with Sword Master Story Mod Apk. You can play Stardew Valley APK for free.


Sword Master Story being an action-based RPG game is a package of stories and surprises with the following gameplay:

  • Restore the lost peace of the betrayed Empire, being the only Sword Master
  • A new story starts for every ten levels
  • Collect Goddesses who can help progress the game faster, to earn exciting rewards
  • 40 different heroes from mythology and powerful weapons can be summoned to win the combats against foes
  • Winning the battles require the strategical deployment of five different attributes and four different clans
  • Collect different characters as the game progresses. The more you collect, the better goes the game
  • Endless Dungeons can either cause growth or a new challenge to be faced
  • Form a team with different guild members who can help in protecting the Empire from intruders

Game Features:

Sword Master Story is sure to grab players with all kinds of interests as it holds a surprise, stories, interesting characters, action, etc. If you’re still not convinced, here are the gripping features to change everything. Now, download our newly released Sword Master Story MOD APK.

  • A stunning combination of attractive visuals and skilled pixel graphics takes the gaming experience to a different level
  • A character’s strength grows beyond reach through level-ups, transcendence, and rebirth
  • Each costume holds a unique power apart from adding beauty to the character
  • More than fifty types of armor and weapons are available to collect
  • The endless dungeons like the Dark Lord’s Tower, Gold Dungeon, Dark Dragon, etc. are home to challenges and progress
  • Boss Raids help in identifying the strongest boss present in the Empire, taking the benefit of the Sword Masters
  • Global PvP allows challenging other players, and through this, a player can become a Sword Master in different worlds
  • Collection of Guild Members is the most potent aid while protecting the world against enemies


Action-based RPGs are not sure to attract millions of users, but this game is an exception due to its spectacular visuals and exciting storyline. The changing suspense for every ten levels is one of the primary reasons for choosing this game.


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