This gaming genre is a unique one. The strategy android games basically implement the usage of logistics, tactics and strategies in order to play and win the game. It lets the players derive situational awareness and come up with autonomous decisions in order to solve a specific problem or attain victory. The whole game revolves around decision-making skills, the capability of planning accurately, etc. Some luck is also required in order to rank in the charts.

These games are pretty helpful in extricating your commander which is basically your attitude towards certain problems. It challenges your mind to come up with better and effective solutions. Also, the overall success and failure largely depends on the player’s actions. So, if you are pumped up for following this genre games, then we have enlisted a few of them.

You can go through each one of them. You can also download them from the play store and install them on your smartphones. These games are the best escape from your monotonous schedule of life. They are: XCOM, The Battle of Polytopia, Clash Royale, Civilization Revolution 2, Rome, Clash of Clans, Hearthstone, The Escapists 2, Mushroom Wars 2, etc.