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Welcome to Kingdom New Lands, a place where you are the king of everything and everyone around you and it is up to you to keep them together in one piece.

You can download the Kingdom New Lands APK game for free from our website.

At its core, Kingdom is basically a simulator where you will be finding, collecting, and managing resources to use for the benefits of your land, thus expanding it in every way imaginable.

The catch here is that it is a 2D game so you will be moving sideways and doing your tasks.

It feels weird to have a simulator game where you move horizontally right?

However, Kingdom pulls it off wonderfully well and you will have no trouble getting used to it at all. It is very story-driven and the overall experience it provides is well worth the price.

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About Kingdom New Lands Android

1. The Graphics

The first thing that anyone notices about Kingdom New Lands are the graphics and art style. The thing about it is that it can be very polarizing in nature. If you like pixel art-styled graphics, then this is something that you will definitely like. If you don’t, then you will definitely not get into this game at all.

The engine used is well suited to representing all of the different nuances in the game like weather changes, light effects, parallax effects, etc. If you are prepared to give this game a chance, then you will find a lot of enjoyment out of it because the gameplay offered is just as good if not better than everything else in the game.

2. The Music

Another great thing about Kingdom New Lands is the overall quality of the music and sound design that the game has to offer. Everything from the ambient water sounds to the birds chirping to the trolls attacking and even the sound of your footsteps is pitch-perfect in every regard. The music used in the background also varies from time to time and all of them are as good as the other. Also, Through the Darkest of Times Apk is free to download.

3. The Gameplay

The gameplay is also very simple but extremely effective. You can pretty much only move left and right throughout the level collecting coins, chopping trees, and completing other quests along the way. You need to be doing all this in order to collect gold. This gold is the form of currency in your world and you need to use it to upgrade other resources and buildings.

In Kingdom New Lands, there is a night and day cycle. You can do all of the peaceful quests and tasks at day and prepare yourself with all the gold that you can earn during that time. At night-time, the trolls attack and you need to arm your soldiers to the teeth and make some strong buildings along the way to stop these monsters. So it is entirely a balancing act, one that you will quickly have to get used to.

Otherwise, the trolls will eat their way to victory every single time. With each death, you will learn something new and with every piece of new information, you will learn how to make your kingdom slightly better.

Have A Good Time Playing Kingdom New Lands APK!


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