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Sheltered- An Undisputable Online Game. You can download the Sheltered APK game for free from our website. Sheltered happens to be a survival game in which the player is expected to save four family members who have been given refuge in a deserted shelter.  About billions of people have lost their possessions in a nuclear event that has rendered them homeless; therefore, they have to be saved. It is one of the highly played games that promise an enjoyable gaming experience.

About Sheltered Android

It is a game in which disaster and crisis management skills are required. The game Sheltered APK gives a new meaning to the word nuclear family.

The player needs to gather a maximum number of supplies to the underground shelter and remain in this setting until things don’t settle down.

The game is a test for the individual’s mental capacity and perseverance.  He/She has to combat nerve-wracking conditions like claustrophobia, frustration, exhaustion, and hopelessness in order to survive.

The dark and dingy conditions in the shelter have to be endured. The player has to muster the courage to bring the supplies from the outside. He/She must venture into the wasteland and collect food and water supplies. These materials would keep the family alive in such extreme situations.

The resources are scarce and one has to remain calm. The exploration takes a toll on the player’s health and makes him/her restless.

There can be attacks from the belligerent enemies and assaults from the ferocious beasts at any time. One has to be alert and prevent any mishappenings. Download Teamfight Tactics Android to play with cool features.

By playing this game, the person gets a sneak peek into the pauper-like conditions one has to survive in at times. Life is a roller coaster ride. It offers happiness and sunshine at one time and dark-rooted atrocities at the other. The game Sheltered Android gives a perspective into things.

Game Features

In the game Sheltered, the family is the alpha and omega of existence. The person has to keep his/her family safe from the clutches of the unforgiving harsh world.

The shelter has been made habitable from any enemy attacks. The resources must be well kept and arranged for the family to consume.

Great customization features help the player to decide the names and gender of the family.

The RPG mechanics help determine the progress of change. Attributes and weaknesses of the family keep altering the graph.

With the choice of vehicles, exploration can be made quickly or moderately paced.

The encounter system provides a way to defend against the enemy.


Sheltered APK has a unique set of configurations and the system requirements are spectacular. It sports a 1 GB RAM memory along with a dual-core CPU. The graphics are marvelous. The storage space is a grand 600 MB. The APK file though is less than 5 MB.

Windows Compatible Card is the sound card that is used for effective function.

To wrap it up, the game has been a worldwide favorite because of its immense features and playing techniques. It uses an impressive range of graphics and has a fabulous image resolution. The audio-visual effects are marvelously imparting a memorable game experience.

Have A Good Time Playing Sheltered on Android!


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