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Escapist 1 was one of the most critically acclaimed indie games in recent times due to its catchy visuals, addicting gameplay, and challenging difficulty. You can download The Escapists 2 APK game for free from our website. The direct sequel for that game, The Escapists 2 is here and it is looking to capitalize on the success of the first one while bringing in something new.

Like its predecessor, the premise of the game remains the same. You will be put in the shoes of a random prisoner in different kinds of prisons all around the world and it is your job to find a way out. There are resources and clues spread across the entire map. You have to piece them together in order to find the correct path out.

About The Escapists 2 Android

The graphics of The Escapists 2 remain pretty much the same for the most part. The art style is definitely the same as its retro pixelated look and colorful backgrounds. Some of the things that needed to be changed have been bettered from the previous game.

While most of it is unaltered, you will definitely notice a few adjustments compared to the first game. The textures are definitely more detailed in some parts. For this great game, you could try Teamfight Tactics Mod APK. Everything from the environment to the characters is nicely drawn and despite the medieval look, you won’t have any trouble figuring out one object from another.

The Sound

The sound design here is nothing too special nor is it something really annoying. You will definitely be able to get through it without any issues whatsoever and on occasions, you will even find yourself enjoying it. Same, you could download Sheltered Apk.

The music fits well with each of the current settings along with the ambient sounds. Overall, the sound design while not outstanding is pretty decent, to say the least.

The Gameplay 

The gameplay elements are also most similar to the first game. The Escapists 2 is, in essence, a puzzle game with a touch of RPG elements sprinkled in. There are a bunch of maps that you can select from to play in. These are basically the prisons that you will be trying to escape from. Each of these prisons is unique and increases in difficulty as you make progress through them. Also, install Three Kingdoms: Raja Chaos Mod Apk.

You have to explore these maps to try and find items like keys, pieces of wood, cash, etc., and figure out how you can use them to your advantage. That is where the puzzle aspect of the game lies in and that is where the entire challenge of the game exists. Getting past the guards, finding the secrets of the level, and solving all of the puzzles is incredibly satisfying.

As you can see, The Escapists 2 is definitely a worthy successor to the first game in the series. If you have been waiting for this to release, then you can safely make a purchase without any hesitation whatsoever. For those who haven’t played it yet but want to try something new, make sure that you do. It is definitely worth the time and money spent.

Role-Play As a Prisoner and Make Your Escape with The Escapists 2!

Have A Good Time Playing The Escapists 2 APK!


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