Through the Darkest of Times


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Everybody has been through the darkest of times in their lives once or more. They can be very disheartening for sure. But all of these dark times are not necessarily supposed to be sad. Are they? They could be something filled with adventure and something you have been craving for all your life. Sometimes going Through the Darkest of Times is the only way that can give you real chills down your spine. And once you have a taste for it then there is no turning back. This is what life actually is.

You are unaware of what it may throw at you but you have to face it as bravely as you can. Maybe you would have the fear of getting caught by German militaries which are looking for people like you, opposing their regime or there may be the fear of getting into the hands of patrolling nationalists waiting for an opportunity to crush socialists like you. It could be anything. You would not know till you hop onto this journey.

Through the Darkest of Times Apk Information:

App nameThrough the Darkest of Times


Being the leader of a mini resistance group in 1993’s Berlin, You have a great deal of responsibility on your shoulders, representing all kinds of people Jews, Catholics, communists, and patriots. You are the only voice they have, where the main idea that dwells in everybody’s heart is to blow up the regime. You have to get past the darkest of times.

Working on a strategy for the same is the main focus. It can be through anything, floating leaflets to spread awareness about what the cruel Nazis are up to or use the creative way of painting messages on walls, gathering as much as possible information that is surely going to work in your favor. Download Kingdom New Lands for free from our website.

But staying undercover or you will end up risking the life of each member of your clan if the Nazi regime learns about the fateful activities you have under your sleeve for them. And that is something you surely would not want to happen.


The plot for this game dates back to the time when Nazis were taking over the world and all communities. This is a way to impart knowledge to all the people who have no information about the struggles of everything that happened back in 1933.

This game is a great way to learn about all those facts by actually being a part of it, though, virtually but it is a great opportunity to relive and save the world from the narcissists out there.

Game features:

  • Through the darkest of times is available to you in a total of 4 chapters.
  • You can be the leader of your clan and fight bravely against the Nazis regime.
  • Plan activities staying undercover
  • Put yourself in the shoes of responsibility as a lot of lives depend on every decision you make.
  • Beautifully illustrated graphics for you to understand that era even more closely.


Through the darkest of times in that game, if you miss you would be missing a lot of important events and scenarios that history has to offer. And you would never know what it was like to be a part of all that beautiful history. You can download the game from Google Play. (Paid Version)


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