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Camtoplan Is a New Revolution in Its Making. In order to make sure that you can acquire the exact measures and distances, you will need an app. CamToPlan is the perfect application to do the same without a hassle.

You can download CamToPlan APK for free from our website.

You can get measures from all sides and angles concerned. Be it in a horizontal way or a vertical one. In order to put these measurements into place, you are advised to export the data. Export it especially into either PNG or even DXF. The folders are skillfully managed.

About CamToPlan Android

CamToPlan is indeed a revolutionary evolution. It has its credits to the most famous augmented reality. The measuring tape that is virtually held in front of the screen of the device that you are using seems way too real. The objects are speculated in a 3D vision. Suppose you need to measure a room which has a lot of materials. Materials like baseboard, walls, various furniture, and different dimensions, a carpet, and so on and so forth.

What the traditional and manual would suggest is kneeling down and taking individual measurements. For the same, however, this technology makes it hassle-free and effortless. And is a task that is completed with ease. This feature is even better than a simple ruler or even a rangefinder that has a laser. You just have to install the Camtoplan apk on your Android device. After that, you are ready to use it.

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Calculation is easy

CamToPlan is so easy to access. It finds the exact measurements of the objects in the room. It also ensures that a separate plan of the room is sketched along with the area per square meter and also square foot. With the click of one snap, it also has options to share the plan through various social media handles and websites concerned.

CamToPlan is one of the most innovative applications one can ever come across. It has the specifications of that of professional expertise. The professionals are mostly architects and interior decorators to be precise.

Things to be remembered while using CamToPlan on Android

  • You can choose your measurement scale according to your convenience. It can be in metric as well as in imperial units.
  • CamToPlan has the capability to measure both horizontally as well as vertically.
  • It can measure rooms and floors in spite of having furniture and objects. Removing them for measurements is not necessary. The application is advanced enough to identify the point from which the intersection takes place with other objects in the room. So the calculation is totally estimated according to the specifications of the application.
  • If the condition of the room to be measured is good the accuracy of the measurement is enhanced. By indicating good condition it means good lighting. Once the reflection of good light to the floor tiles is enough the picture that is taken is also clear. Hence the clarity and perfection in measurement are at its peak. Extra reflection of light on the floor tiles is also not too good for the picture.
  • You can easily roam about or move around while taking the click. You do that in order to have the right kind of focus in precision. There is no hard and fast rule to stay still while clicking a picture of the room to be measured.

Have A Good Time Using CamToPlan on Android!


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