Music android games have always been a hit among the masses. No one can forget those days when the Dance Revolution was started. This created a huge buzz. There was a dramatic increase in the popularity of these music games. Some games like Guitar Hero, Rock Band became really famous. Also, the popularity of these games is not restricted to consoles anymore. Their popularity has also been constant on mobiles as well.

There are a huge number of music android games available in the play store. But, we have shortlisted a few of them for your convenience. They come pre-equipped with the best features of accelerometer and touchscreen. Therefore to name a few, they are OverRapid, Vectronom, Lost in Harmony, Lanota, Dynamix, Cytoid, BeatX, Bouncing Buddles, Arcaea, Rayark Rhythm Games, etc.

Out of these, we really liked the concept of Arcaea. This game featured an anime style. In this game, old school step bridge like the Guitar Hero is used more often than the latest mechanisms of tap-and-swift versions. Its gameplay is 100% smooth. It makes easy pick-up possible. Also, one can choose over 95 songs from the playlist of at least 50 artists. Also, the game comes pre-equipped with the in-app purchasing feature. Via this, one can add additional tracks and increase the difficulty level of the levels.