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MOD Features: Unlimited Coins, Unlimited Diamonds, Unlimited Treats, Unlimited Shards, Unlimited Starpower, Unlimited Keys & Unlimited Relics
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Video games in mobiles are gaining much popularity in today’s world. There are so many games coming up these days in mobiles that attract a worldwide audience to their platforms. These games are increasingly interactive and user engagement with the advent of technology these days.

With people being under stress constantly in this busy world, most of them look for a light, easy game to take their minds off from the various tensions one might face.

For such people, a game with cute little furry monster babies to take care of and feed while music plays is exactly what is needed. My Singing Monsters (MOD Unlimited Diamonds) is definitely the game they are looking for then.

My Singing Monsters Mod Apk Information:

App nameMy Singing Monsters
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Coins, Unlimited Diamonds, Unlimited Treats, Unlimited Shards, Unlimited Starpower, Unlimited Keys & Unlimited Relics

This game is compatible with android, iOS, etc. and also has versions that can be played in the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet and Barnes and Noble Nook.

With an average rating of 4.6, My Singing Monsters is one of the most played games on the online app and has a large user base of people who love this game. There are fan websites made dedicated solely to this game and its users.

My Singing Monsters is a franchise of video games created and developed by Big Blue Bubble and comes under the category of Music in the Google play store.

This is a free musical game that can be played by anyone ranging from a kid to an adult, that is, it is a game for the whole family. Basically, you will need to raise monster pets, feed them, and take care of them as players of this game. Help your monster pets grow and take care of the fun family of monster pets you will have.

This game was so successful that Big Blue Bubble created many spin-offs to this game.

About the Game

The monster pets are singing monsters, hence the name My Singing Monsters. You will be creating a whole island of such singing monster pets throughout the game. As you go about it, your song will grow and evolve too along with your pets as you breed and upgrade them.

You can design your island, use unique and rare decorations of your choice, and make your own little fantasy world that is all about your choices and your taste. You can share the beautiful world you create with your friends.

This is an online game that is a free game to play, but there are some features that users might need to buy with real money. For players who are not interested in purchasing the special features, the game provides an option to disable in-app purchases in the device settings of the user.

Game Features

In My Singing Monsters game, the players should collect, raise, feed, and breed many different types of monster pets that will be given. Each of these monsters will have a unique musical line (hence singing monsters) that is either sung by the pet or played on any musical instrument. Also, get for free the Incredibox.

These monster pets are grown on an island and the game has many island types as you go higher in the levels. Each of these islands has a group or category of monsters available on that island that is unique to that particular part of the game.

These pets will create a musical symphony together that will be developed as you get more and more monster pets. They also generate different varieties of in-game currency that can later be used to acquire many decorations that you want, to remove obstacles blocking your progress, to buy food for your monster pets, and to build various structures on your island. You can also use the currency you get to achieve more currency.

There are about 150 cute and funny monsters in the game. You will be allowed to access these as you go higher and higher up the levels. You will have to level up to acquire new monsters. You can have catchy music to vibe up your island and use decorations that you like to beautify your little Monster World.

The graphics in this game are top-notch and go hand in hand with the amazing animations that make the game so interactive and eye-catchy.

My Singing Monsters allows you to connect and play with users across the world. Also, there are events that happen around the year, the latest being the Season of Love event. For each new event, there might be an update that enhances the quality of My Singing Monsters. Another music category game you could try out is Cytus II.

What makes My Singing Monsters is that the simulation in this game is the process of making music by acquiring more and more monster pets and hence building the music. The player has full freedom to choose what goes into his or her island.

They can choose which monster to choose thus making their own music. They can decide what will make their island “perfect” according to them and also decide what they feel might improve the general characteristic of the game.

Some of the special monster pets in the game or a few decorations might be more difficult to unlock than the rest. Most of these might require exclusive currencies like real money, special occasions, or special methods so as to obtain or activate them.

Also, the monster pets can be raised or bred together in a machine named “Breeding Structure”. This helps to breed a lot of different types of monster pets on your island. Monster pets that are not very rare can be bred easily, and this makes it easier to breed them or obtain them from this structure.

My Singing Monsters is basically a wonderful combination of fun and music. Players can grow both monsters and music on the same platform. The game provides relaxation and takes your mind off stress and tension. If you are looking for a fun, easy, casual game then My Singing Monsters is something you should definitely try. Happy Monstering!


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