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You might be doing business? The language that you need most in daily work is English. You would need English for reading, writing, and most importantly speaking. English has taken up space in the daily lives of all people. You would need this language especially in the business and official sectors.

You can download Apprendre l’Anglais Business APK for free from our website.

But the major problem is that you do not have much time to learn or take special courses in English. You should not be worried about this?  To compensate this time of yours’, Apprendre l’Anglais Business Android uses MosaLingua which has come up with an innovative way of learning the languages.

What is MosaLingua?

It is something which makes your work easier. You can easily memorize words and phrases which you would forget in other techniques.


MosaLingua uses a scientific technique that facilitates memorizing words; it uses a spaced repetition system (SRS). What is so special about this system?

To  Apprendre l’Anglais Business or any other effective language, you need to remember them after a specific interval of time. Suppose you read a word at this moment, you need to recollect it after 5minutes, then after 1 hour. Again at a gap of many hours, then after seven days, then after a month. Unless the word becomes your own and you can truly use the word or phrase as an expert. This is something that varies from one person to another.

The other way which is used is an active revision, revision after a specific interval of time. This is an active revision.

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Most importantly what you have memorized needs to be assessed as to whether you have understood it to the brim or it just stays at the top. It is the process of recognizing your own thoughts and reflecting on them when a question is asked on the same.

Apprendre l’Anglais Business APK  uses MosaLingua, which keeps a parameter where it determines how a person with an aim to learn business English can effectively recollect their learned words on their own. It makes an assessment of that. This assessment strengthens one’s memory in a fascinating way.

It is much nice to note that you can truly express yourself with only fifteen hundred words. The other word that you need is very rare. In the case of learning grammar, a little sentence that is constructed can be a guiding factor to the making of several other sentences. This inculcates the habit of better sentence construction.

What more you do require?

We must have the perfect motivation to learn a language. You are correct. MosaLingua gives all the basic requirements which a beginner or an expert would require to learn a language. But you cannot have all this in a day; it requires both time and patience.

Going to an institute to learn a language takes both your time and patience. It does body exhaustion and takes away a lot of energy from the body. You would never want to give much of your time to this learning but in all cases, you require this English as your most important language to convey to others. So the best option is Apprendre l’Anglais Business Android with the help of the MosaLingua method.

Learning Business Takes No Time With Mosalingua.

Have A Good Time Using the Apprendre l’Anglais Business app on Android!

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