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If you have become a parent to a newborn then your life is completely a hassle. And every minute behavioral or physical change in your baby can give you a lot of headaches.

So instead of running to the doctor frequently, you must download this life-saving app for the parents. This application is a sort of calendar that will be explaining to you the development of the baby. And the reasons why the baby is sleeping poorly, eating less, or is very fussy and it will help you with such problems.

This app has already gained a lot of popularity all around the globe. It has been awarded as the coolest app for moms. It also falls under the top 25 applications under the section of health and fitness in several countries.

About The Wonder Weeks Android


The Wonder Weeks APK is one of the best-selling apps for parents. It comes with a daily calendar that will be personalized according to the development of your baby. So this app will inform you regarding the mental development and leaps and fussy phases of the baby. Apart from being the best parenting application, it has also helped the parents to cope up with the situation more maturely. You can also get Tinder Gold with our newly released Tinder Mod Apk.

App Features

  • This application is a portable calendar. You will be getting a book that will be describing a lot of information that you will easily understand. Information regarding the development that the child is going through. It will also be a perfect companion that will help you in tracking the mental development of the baby.
  • Now you will know what is happening inside the baby’s head. You can take measures which can make them stimulate their development by making more leaps.
  • It will be shown in the calendar whenever the baby is making a leap in mental development.
  • After the mental leap, it will state the capabilities of the baby for learning and understanding anything.
  • It will also help you with the steps that you will have to take after the baby is making the first leap.
  • This application has been specifically made for the mental development of a child by guiding the new parents regarding the baby’s brain and how it is leaping and changing.

The baby will be able to have a better understanding of the world that is around them and their brain will go through drastic changes. As the leaps can sometimes come very quickly so the baby can show signs of bad appetite, crankiness clinging, crying and poor sleep so it is quite frustrating and exhausting for the parents if they are not aware of the reasons behind such behavior of the child and that is where this application is going to come handy. So what are you waiting for? Download The Wonder Weeks Android app and convince yourself of the usefulness of this incredible app.

Have A Good Time Using The Wonder Weeks on Android!


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