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We all love to customize stuff to suit our individual needs and preferences. Be it our clothes, food or even our phone, we want to everything tailor-made for us.

One of the main reasons for such customization needs is that in our world we want our things to reflect our taste and personality in the best way possible. We consider the things we own as an extension of our personality. So why not customize each of them to be the mirror image of us?

About Stealth Icon Pack Android

This is perhaps the main driving force behind companies that strive to fulfill all your needs for customization. A surprising aspect of this drive for customization has been the changes one brings about in our smartphones. Not only do you get customized phone covers and screens, now you get the chance to configure apps in the way you want! That’s a sweet deal, right?

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Due to this particular desire, there are a number of apps that can customize the app icons to suit your taste. And the frontrunner among such apps is the Stealth Icon Pack. This app was developed by a student and has found fans all over the globe. The reasons why prefer this app over others are as follows:

  • A variety of icons to choose from

There are a number of icons you can choose from as per your desire. These icons are more than 2000 in quantity and are upgraded frequently too! Thus, you can play along with these icons and change them every day as per your whims and fancies.

  • An amazing collection of High Definition Wallpapers

The Stealth Icon Pack has an amazing collection of High Definition wallpapers that can be changed easily. It also allows you to change your wallpaper to something from your own collection. Hence, it is flexible and accommodates your choice.

  • A number of themes to choose from

We all know that the blue lights emitted by our smartphone screens can affect our sleep cycle. Despite knowing this we still use our phones frequently before we hit the sack. So to protect our eyes and preserve our sleep cycle, this app has a dark theme too! This theme allows you to handle your nighttime browsing without straining your eyes unnecessarily.

  • Helps you mask your icons

As the quantities of apps you download every day is increasing, it takes more time to provide unique icons to them. And in order to help blend in the apps for a new app with the selected theme, Stealth Icon Pack provides you with the option to mask the apps. This helps you to maintain the theme without the unmasked app sticking out as the odd one out in the theme.

  • Provides you with Calendar Support

Unlike other apps, the Stealth Icon Pack APK app supports the inbuilt calendar on your smartphone. This support allows you to change the date on the calendar icon every day which is a cool and intricate feature of this particular app.

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Customize Your Apps In Whatever Way You Want!

Have a Good Time Using Stealth Icon Pack on Android!

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