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You can download the TouchRetouch APK app for free from our website.

Today is the world of clicking pictures with your smartphone, uploading them online, and making people know how beautiful and amazing your life is. Although not for uploading some people like to click pictures and make memories. Whatever may be the purpose people just love to have their beautiful pictures?

But wait a minute! Do unwanted objects appear in your pictures and make you feel that the click was a bad one. Then it is time to do some magic and remove that unwanted object with the help of the TouchRetouch Apk app.

About TouchRetouch

What is TouchRetouch?

Launched by ADVA soft it is an app with various tools by which you can remove any of the unwanted contents or items present in your images. It is a very useful app to make an image the way you are imaging it by just marking the unrequired content and it will vanish in just a blink.

There is also the availability to remove a blemish which will no more appear to spoil the appearance of your image. This TouchRetouch Android app has given the freedom to the creative photographers to click anywhere they want and make an image as they want by removing all the intruding content. Fun! Isn’t it?

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What all you could vanish by a click?

So with this amazing app, you can mark and get the content removed such as:

  • The cracks on the wall or straight and curved scratches on the surface of the floor.
  • The objects near you while clicking images somewhere out like a trash can street signs, trees, scooters, and more.
  • The photobombers can also be easily removed.
  • The skin blemishes which make you feel sad can be eliminated easy along with any of the pimples troubling your image to look better.
  • And that black telephone wires and the power lines will be no more making your background look bad with the help of this fabulous TouchRetouch app.
  • And rest everything else which makes you feel that your image is getting spoiled you can withdraw it easy by some marks and the clicks.

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The features of TouchRetouch

The features of this app are as fresh and unusual as the other photo editing app. This TouchRetouch Apk Android app has so many options for you by which removing small detailed objects also becomes an easy task, how?

  • It has different lien segments by which you can use thick, thin, and medium lines to get the objects like wires, scratches, etc. removed easily
  • It also gives you the opportunity to get only half of the line removed by making use of a segment remover. And for objects, you have the object removal tool where you can use a lasso or even a brush to mark the object
  • For this app you don’t need to be much precise, the app can find the object or the lines by your marks smoothly
  • With clone stamp tools you can vanish the defects and the objects which are duplicates.
  • Your cloned objects can be removed with the help of the eraser tool.
  • The size, hardness, and opacity of the eraser and the stamp can be set for convenient editing of the image

Let the fun begin; get the TouchRetouch Apk app for fantastic editing of your favorite images.

With TouchRetouch Create Photos the Way You Like.

Have A Good Time Using the TouchRetouch app on Android!


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