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If you wanted your phone home screen to be cleaned, then here is your chance at it! The Recent app switcher is one of the best applications that will help you in doing so!

You can download the Recent App Switcher APK for free from our website.

The most important thing that this application does is ensure that it keeps your home screen organized!

About Recent App Switcher

It arranges other applications for you and ensures that it is offering you the same in a full notification format. The application is easy to understand and easy to use without any complications.

Ever since its development and Launch it has garnered enough attention because of this reason. The app comes with enormous features that will help you in the long run.

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So, what are the features?

Following are some of the most important and interesting features of this application:

  • Choose recent apps:

The Recent App Switcher allows you to choose from the list of recent apps. These apps are the ones that you have used the most! It is one of the most important reasons why the application works so well with people.

  • Customisable:

The application helps you customize your apps in the best possible way! Apart from that, it is in itself customizable! People can customize the app in accordance with their own tastes and needs! It is certainly one of the best features of the app.

  • Autostart:

If you think that every time you reboot your phone you will have to start with the app, then you are wrong! The app starts by itself without any problem. This autostart feature allows you to save a lot of time and also helps you no matter what time or situation it is.

  • Blacklist the apps you do not want:

There is no doubt in the fact that there are many applications on your phone that you do not use. These may be because of various reasons. But then again to save energy you must Blacklist these applications as well. The Recent App Switcher APK can help you do the same.

  • Support on icon pack:

The app comes with a variety of Icon packs. And it is one important reason why understanding the best supports of this pack is important. It will help you get to the icons easily without any trouble at all.

  • Hide notification:

If you are feeling disturbed by the notifications then now you can hide them with the help of this application. It is one of the major advantages of all. Of course, hiding notifications is one important feature you’re looking for in all the apps.

  • Advertisement free:

One of the major benefits of this application is that it comes without any advertisements. You do not have to get tired or do not have to end up complaining about the advertisements at all.

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These are some of the main features of this application.

The process of getting and starting the app is very easy. All you have to do is follow the steps mentioned below:

  • You will have to download the app from the Store and install the same.
  • Then you will have to click on the option of accessibility.
  • In the accessibility, option find the recent app switcher app!
  • Then you will have to click on the enable button.
  • Then you will have to start pinning your favorite apps on it!

It is the easy process of getting this app for yourself!

Switch to Recent App Switcher for the Best Organisation of Your Apps!

Have A Good Time Using Recent App Switcher on Android!


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