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Are you thinking of turning the mobile phone into the professional analysis tool of the audio spectrum? If yes then this is the perfect app for you.

You can download the Speccy Spectrum Analyzer APK app for free from our website.

This tool will help in the analysis of audio. It will visualize the distribution of the sound frequencies in the inaudible or audible spectrum. It will be detected with the help of the device microphone by using the signal processing of a fast Fourier transform.

It will also support several languages like English, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Italian, German, French, Russian, and Thai. It will also allow you to easily export the data of audio snapshots to the clipboard that will help you in plotting in several applications like Excel.

About Speccy Spectrum Analyzer Android


Speccy Spectrum Analyzer tool will help in analyzing the audio spectrum. It will access the environmental noise that will help to measure the safety and the health issues. It will also help in sound checking in several venues like in-car stereos to the PA system.

It will also identify the obscured audio signals of two human ears. It will also compare the difference in the quality of different headphone brands. Apart from tuning the musical instrument, it will also test the signal generators.

With this app, you will be able to measure audio signals which will be outside the human perception. People who are having the age which is over 20 years will face a range drop in the aural perception.

With the help of Speccy, one will be able to test the ultrasonic controlling equipment of pests to find the gas leak and it is also used by the EVP enthusiast in order to detect the ghost. When you will start using this application you will learn a lot about spectrum analysis.

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App Features

  • It will help you in unlocking a safe by using the mechanical combination of locks if you are unable to remember the code. The device will be coupled acoustically with the dial of the safe. Now you will have to turn this dial very slowly and then you will be able to hear the tumbler drop.
  • The sound spectrum which will be created from it will be quite different from the normal sound created during tuning. By using this particular technique you will be able to detect the correct number which will help you in dialing properly.
  • Always try to use this function if you were aware of the lock combination, but have forgotten it. The app strictly says not to use it for illegal purposes.
  • It will help you in testing the signal generators and tuning the musical instruments. By accessing the environmental noise one will be able to check it for health issues. It will identify all the audio signals which are obscured to a human ear.

This application is available in Google Play and you will have to pay a price for availing of this application which is quite minimal. Not if you download it from our site, below. Speccy Spectrum Analyzer APK application is immensely helpful for all the people who are dealing with spectrum analysis. Audio analysis is now easy with Speccy Spectrum Analyzer.

Have A Good Time Using Speccy Spectrum Analyze app on Android!


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