How to be a better player in Zenonia 5?

Zenonia 5 is a classic action RPG game that has many role-playing games. In this guide, you will find some insights from experienced players in Zenonia 5. Let’s take a look at them together!

The basics of Zenonia 5 need to know by all players

In the early days, most people do not have enough Zeni, you can’t buy anything from merchants, and they would rather pick up items to sell them in the shop, especially when you meet a rare or unique item, then immediately pick it up and do not hesitate to sell it in the store.

Not only that, but you can also save your game in one of three types. These are classic mode (enter player’s name), Zen Mode (debugging information), and Rebirth Mode (remove all personal data, debug), each of which has different functions for normal players who play regularly.

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New Beginners should master the basic skills

Not surprisingly, there are many easy ways for beginners to master their own skills in order to achieve greater results than before. We will summarize some concepts below to help everyone get started faster than ever.

1. The first golden rule: don’t die!

Generally, players who already have a certain level of experience in playing Zenonia 5 will not find this issue too difficult to understand and resolve. Players can avoid dying by carefully reviewing their current status and surroundings before committing to an action that might lead them into dangerous situations.

2. Develop combat awareness

The ability to maintain emotional control is one of the key factors that help determine whether or not you are able to survive later on in the game process. Knowing when to attack, dodge, block or use items at different times during battle are all part of sound survival tactics required for success in any fight sequence. Since even small mistakes can result in death easily, it is important to maintain a clear head and keep a cool temperament before, during, and after confrontations with enemies.

With the Zen Mode Support, you can update faster

One of the interesting features of Zenonia 5 is that you have a special mode called “Zen Mode”. This can help you update faster so as not to delay your progress with the game. In addition to reducing data, this mode also allows players to remain anonymous. All personal data such as user name will be removed from the device’s history when entering this mode.

To activate Zen Mode, follow these steps below: * Enter the Options Menu on the character selection screen * Scroll down and click Debug Settings at bottom * Click Enable Debug Settings * Return to the Title Screen and check if Zen Mode has been activated.

Rebirth mode can also help you update faster!

In order to play online games, many players will use reborn mode as it allows them to remove their personal data from the phone or tablet that they are playing on. It is very difficult for some players who have been hacked into afterward due to an increase in server security. However, this is not a big problem since there is a way out of it. The first thing you need to do is click the “Rebirth Mode” button at the bottom-left corner of your screen and enable it with password 1234567890 (for Android devices).

How to get richer and stronger quickly

Different equipment has different effects on your character’s status. There should be a certain degree of patience for players who would like to improve their skills. Here we can summarize some basic items that might help you achieve your goals in the shortest time possible. * Weapon – since all characters will need weapons when fighting, it is essential to upgrade this item as quickly as possible.

The only problem is how much gold and Zeni do you have? The weapon shop (in the kingdom where you start) usually has 2 options: +15 level 7 or +0 level 10; From here we can see which one is more cost-effective and get the appropriate equipment.

Armor – Your armor should also be upgraded to keep you safe and healthy. Armor and accessory shops (inside and outside the kingdom) offer various options that can be purchased according to your budget: for example, level 5 armor at +0 or level 10 armor at +5;

Shoes – this is also a good choice because the speed effect will enable you to move faster in battle. Speed shoes (from item stores such as above) usually have different levels of performance: level 1, 4, 7, or 10. Here we must choose the appropriate one based on our budgets.

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Best fast leveling places in Zenonia 5

This article focuses on where players should go and what they should do to get ahead quickly in the game. * Labyrinths – in most labyrinths, players can meet various monsters such as zombies and cave wolves. These creatures are particularly good for leveling since their attacks can deal damage to multiple targets when they explode.

They do not run away from battle and give more experience points when killed; One of the best places for leveling is in Yomi’s Underworld (level 10) since it has a high number of mobs and drops some decent items too!

Lava Dungeon: The level that we recommend is 50-55 where all mobs drop quite a few stars and there are no dangerous bosses around besides the elite ones which we would rather avoid…

Special combos in Zenonia 5

o get ahead in Zenonia 5, players will need to know the basics behind combos. This is especially true for bosses who have a wide variety of techniques that can cause significant damage to your character. For this reason, it is essential to learn how to create your own combo so you can avoid their attack or counter them by using the special skills learned in the game.

First watch carefully when fighting with an opponent – watch what he does then fit in one of these combinations: 1-2-1; 3-3-3; 4-4-4… Of course, there are many different possibilities but try not to do the same thing repeatedly since this leaves you vulnerable!

As aforementioned, make sure you always use your special skills and do not forget to upgrade them as quickly as possible in order to make your character stronger.

Best multiplayer tips in Zenonia 5

If you are constantly playing with other people or even at a party, there is an important tip that you should know about making the game much easier for everyone since it can help us build combos with ease. The best solution would be setting up the system chat so that when someone is inside your field of vision, they will see what special skills you use by pressing R1 or RB on consoles. This way we can tell each other which is good for both players involved!

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