Is Raid: Shadow Legends Any Good?

If you are primarily a mobile gamer, chances are that you have heard of Raid: Shadow Legends. It’s a turn-based popular mobile RPG video game that was developed and distributed by Plarium Games. It’s a freemium game released on 29 July 2018. A lot of people question whether or not Raid: Shadow Legends is worth playing. We have discussed that in this post.

RAID: Shadow Legends android

Features of Raid: Shadow Legends

A thorough look at the features of this game will help you get a rough idea of the game. Let’s go through some of its major features:

  • More than 300 collectible characters

Players have to collect hundreds of evil, neutral, good, and bad characters throughout the game. You have to assemble the best characters into a team and fight against knights, enemies, and elves.

  • 1+ Million Champion Builds

The game offers immense scope for personalization. Playing Raid: Shadow Legends is like playing the game your way. You have the master the skills gradually, collect items and proceed further at your pace.

  • Massive PvE Campaign Map

The map of the game is spectacular. There are 12 different locations present in the game. Are you ready to explore?

Is the game worth playing?

Raid: Shadow Legends is a roughly engaging turn-based video game. Players can play in a cooperative mode in groups of up to 5 players. There are a plethora of different in-game characters to choose from. The exciting part is each character comes with different traits and features.

Overall, Raid: Shadow Legends looks like a pretty incredible mobile game. There’s a good start to the game. Players have to recruit members to their teams and train them to fight against their enemies. The game then continues. If you haven’t yet played the Mod Apk version of Raid: Shadow Legends, it’s time you download it for free and enjoy it.


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