Is Raid: Shadow Legends really that good?

Is Raid: Shadow Legends really that good? Short answer: Yes.

Raid is an RPG game available on mobile devices (iOS and Android), developed by Spacetime Studios. It features unique battle mechanics, beautiful artwork, and an interactive community.

But what makes Raid so amazing? The purpose of this article is to show you the basics of Raid: Shadow Legends to help you decide if it’s worth playing.

I’ll start off by giving a quick overview of what features are available in-game: ISO & PWR system, Tokens/Chests/Crafting, The 3 main currencies (Gold, Diamonds, and Coupons), Achievements, Portals/Battlegrounds/Competitions, Bosses (including the world’s first World Raid boss!)

RAID: Shadow Legends android

ISO & PWR system

These two systems are what make Raid unique among other mobile RPGs and MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). As you progress in the game, these two stats will increase when you level up your heroes. ISO allows you to add different bonuses to your hero, while PWR allows you to add different bonuses to your equipment.


The three main currencies are Gold, Diamonds, and Coupons. Gold is used for upgrading buildings in the Academy (your base of operations), while diamonds are used for buying heroes directly from the shop without grinding for weeks. Coupons are mainly earned by completing achievements or events that Spacetime Studios puts out on a regular basis.

Crafting Tokens

Two types of crafting tokens are available in-game: one can be purchased with diamonds, while the other can only be obtained through chests or competitions. You need these tokens to upgrade your equipment’s star level up to +10.

NOTE: When upgrading an equipment’s star level, the cost doubles every time it increases. This makes it increasingly more expensive to upgrade equipment with higher star levels.

Crafted Runes

When you craft runes (which can be done by using crafting tokens and Gold), there is a chance that you’ll get a rune of better quality than what was originally crafted! An example would be if I crafted Rune “D”, there’s a chance I might receive Rune “A” instead.

Chest (of which 2 types exist in-game)

Chests are items that can only be purchased with diamonds or coupons. If you succeed in opening a chest, you’ll get random items such as crafting tokens, runes, diamonds, coupons, and heroes. Chests come in many varieties. Some of them only give common items while others can give you rare items such as 5-star equipment, gold, or even gems (which can be spent on premium currency).

Competition Chests

Some competitions have chests that can be won after completing objectives given to you during the competition. If you win these chests, then they will contain items such as:

Note: If you lose a battle during competition and still manage to complete the objective and claim your reward chest, then the contents of this chest will be reduced by a small percentage. This is to discourage people from quitting battles early on purpose during competitions.

RAID: Shadow Legends gameplay


These are tasks that you can complete to receive Gold, Coupons, or Diamonds. Each task can only be done once, and they range from easy challenges such as “Win 5 PvP Battles” to difficult challenges such as “Conquer a World Boss with a party of only 2 heroes”. There are around 300 total achievements in the game, and even Spacetime Studios admits that it’s nigh impossible for anyone to complete all 300 of them!


Raid has many bosses scattered throughout the world map. One team will have the chance to fight against one boss every day at specific times, so there will always be other players who can help you out if your team is having a hard time. Bosses include the 8 World Bosses, Dungeon bosses, Hellgate bosses, etc.

Mystic Tower/Training Camp

This tower has floors that are infinitely generated every time you enter it. It also has randomized elements depending on the day of the week (elements such as runes and enemies). You can take advantage of this feature by setting up your team to fight specific elements depending on the day of the week since some enemies are more difficult than others; however, you must choose monsters with high HP in order for them to survive long enough for your heroes to kill them!

The Training Grounds (a section within Mystic Tower) is where you’ll have a chance to train your monsters against each other. The Training Grounds have many different levels, and the higher you get in these levels, the stronger your monster will become!

Competitive PvP

In the matchmaking menu, there are two types of arenas. One is called Battle Arena while the other is Conquest. Battle Arena has stages that must be completed one after another without returning back to town (it’s like completing quests with multiple stages but all within one map).

Your heroes do not recover HP nor MP when they return to town, so this mode can be used as an easy way to test out how strong or weak certain enemy compositions are depending on which stage you’re at. On the other hand, Conquest is a little different. In this mode, the entire map is divided into two halves: your half and your opponent’s half.

You can only access your opponent’s half if you defeat them, but they have the same benefits as you do; for example, things such as Mana recovery and monster spawn will happen depending on what half of the map you’re standing in (so standing in your opponents half will spawn enemies that you must face!).

Another benefit of Conquest mode is that it easily gives players an idea about how much damage each hero brings to the table (in terms of both offense and defense).


Raid: Shadow Legends has tons of mechanics! The game also doesn’t force you to use all these mechanics at once until later stages of the game, so you’ll have a chance to figure out which characters work well on your team and whether or not you want to use more passive or aggressive strategies. And that’s why Raid: Shadow Legends is a good game!

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