Dead Cells MOD APK (Unlimited GOLD, Unlimited CELLS)


MOD Features: Unlimited Points, Unlimited Gems. Unlimited Amethyst, Unlimited Malachite. Unlock All Blueprint Rewards & All Gears
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Download and play the action-packed game Dead Cells MOD APK (Unlimited Gold, Unlock All Blueprints). You will get unlimited gold and cells by using this mod.

Dead Cells Mod Apk Information:

App nameDead Cells
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Points, Unlimited Gems. Unlimited Amethyst, Unlimited Malachite. Unlock All Blueprint Rewards & All Gears

Unlimited Gold and Cells

Dead Cells features two types of currency – gold and cells.

Gold is the game’s standard currency, used for purchasing items from vendors and upgrading weapons and armor. It can be found lying around in levels, dropped by enemies, or earned by completing challenges.

Cells are a more valuable currency, used for purchasing rare and powerful items. They can be found in specific areas of levels, dropped by rare enemies, or earned by completing difficult challenges. Cells can also be used to revive players if they die.

Which currency you use will largely depend on your playstyle and what you’re trying to achieve in the game. If you’re just looking to get through the levels and don’t care about collecting powerful items, then gold will suffice. However, if you’re aiming to get the best gear and equipment, then cells are a must.

No matter which currency you use, Dead Cells is sure to provide hours of fun and challenging gameplay. So get our latest Dead Cells MOD APK and have more fun!

Dead Cells – The mobile game

This is a “roguevania” action game that requires a player to master a few specific aspects like 2D combat abilities. Here, one will have to use different types of weapons as well as skills when fighting against hard-core bosses and merciless minions.

A player will have to play this game as an alchemic experiment which failed when was being done. The goal is to explore the island where the experiment took place along with the ever-changing building/castle. This way one will be able to find out what really happened on this dark and gloomy island.

However, exploring is a dangerous trait in Dead Cells Mod Apk as numerous guards and keepers are here to stop a player. If caught one will be sent to prison and lose the game. So, be careful when exploring and ensure to sharpen up fighting skills to survive!

Features of this game

Several mind-blowing features make this game quite attractive to its massive player base. This game has been redesigned carefully for Android devices with a revamped interface for an amazing gaming experience.  Some of the features include:

2D Action

This game comes with an advanced 2D action aspect which is dynamic and frantic. Through ample fighting experience, people require to know about enemies’ fighting patterns. Each stage comes with enemies and bosses where a new pattern will be involved for fighting.

Until a person learns these multiple patterns, it would become a problem for him/her to survive in Dead Cells. If one fails to master it, he/she will either be killed or taken prisoner, where he/she will gain has to start the mission.

“Roguevania” action

One of the most impressive characteristics of this game is that it is “roguevania” action. It is a game where one will have to explore the interconnected world along with rogue-lite re-playability. This makes the entire game quite interesting and exciting for all who take up the adventure.

What makes it more appealing to players is the permadeath threat adds an adrenaline-pumping factor that enhances the experience of playing this stunning game.

Play how you like

Every player has his/her own way of moving forward in Dead Cells Mod. The same applies here as one can play it in two different ways. One is rushing and another one is exploring in detail. First, of all, if an individual is a player who wants to rush in the game and reach the game, then simply can do it by straightway moving forward. Download Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition to get unlimited energy.

However, people who would like to enjoy every aspect of this game can explore every remote or small place in the game. It would offer an in-depth experience that numerous players want from every game.

Non-linear progression

One can unlock levels through the path which suits a player’s current build. Paths can be followed depending on one’s mood and playstyle. So, learning every day something new is a common aspect of this game. Through killing enemies as well as dying one learns the deeper traits of Dead Cells Mod Apk.

Two game modes and custom controls

Apart from all these, players can enjoy two different game modes. One is “Original” and another is the “Auto Hit”. Apart from these modes, one can also customize the controller setting. By changing buttons’ sizes to their positions, one can completely customize it for a better gaming experience.


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