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Have you ever wondered about the essence of life we are living in? Have you ever thought about what lies beyond death? This is one question that can send you into your deepest thoughts. One answer that aptly justifies the question is that death is when the human body ceases to exist and gets converted back to its free form. It may be true but who knows?

Arrog provides you with answers to all of such questions. It takes you on a self-journey from life and the essence of death. Explains all that lies beyond that has not been known to any human being. Start a journey through life and death with Arrog.

Arrog Apk Information:

App nameArrog


The plot of the game revolves around a man just as basic as any of us. His aim is to travel through his dreams and understand all there is that life offers and even beyond death. Because life is lived by each one of us and we meet so many people during this time. Some stay with us whereas some eventually leave. But nobody ever wonders what happens to our body and soul when we close our eyes, what lies on the other side of the page. With Arrog you travel through these thoughts. You may also try this cool mod Roblox.


If you are into puzzles then it is a bonus for you. The game design uses an effective way of puzzles to demonstrate each and everything and help you throughout the journey. The theme is beautifully set in black and white with color accents. Arrog is not just a game it is a journey. A journey, one must experience. The animations will grasp your interest and you would want to solve more and more puzzles so that you can be in the face of the truth about death.

Game Features:

  • Get to know about all the bizarre world out there has to offer.
  • Traditional animations with black and white art style with next to the impossible narrative experience.
  • Puzzles are surely the center of attraction in the whole game.
  • More and more puzzles you decipher, you come closer and closer to the revelation of the truth about death and its essence.
  • The theory of life and death has been set up beautifully according to Latin American folklore.
  • Precisely it is a poetic tale without words, which will immerse you in an experience like never before.


If you are ready to dive into the depths of life then Arrog is the best thing that can ever happen to you. It will indulge you in a never-ending experience of greed to know more and more about what lies in the essence of death. With a beautiful black and white theme, this just could not get any better. There are no second thoughts about Arrog if you really are ready to face it all. Just hit the button and get on the journey of self-exploration and find what truly lies beyond all this. It is a must-have for everyone.


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