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All about Bury me my love: Features and Truthful gameplay! You can download the game for free from our website.

If you are in love with adventure games and have room for emotions in your heart then this game can give you the perfect combination of both. The phrase “Bury me, my love” is used in Syria to say goodbye and it means “Take care, don’t even think of dying earlier I do.” The game is a tribute to all the refugees in Syria who are separated from their loved ones and are praying for their safety. So get ready to experience the lively adventure and pain that thousands of Syrian refugees are going through.

About the game

The game Bury me my Love is the story of a Syrian survivor Majd and his wife Nour. Nour takes on a very risky expedition to Europe as a refugee. Nour’s husband Majd is held back in Syria but is constantly instructing Nour so that she can reach her destination properly and safely.

The game is all about text messaging. Majd is in constant touch with his wife Nour via messaging to ensure that she is safe. The phrase “Bury me, my love, will surely strike a chord in your heart as you can feel the pain and emotions that are related to these two lovebirds. The phrase is used by Majd to bid goodbye to his wife Nour.

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The Theme of the Game:

  • A game that is all about instant messaging. You play as Majd and you are in constant touch by Nour and track her throughout her journey. You will be chatting with Nour as if she is for real and share pictures, emoticons, route maps, etc.
  • While playing the game you get to locate numerous routes through which you have to guide Nour. By reading the messages sent by Nour and by following her descriptions you have to sketch the correct route and help her to overcome the obstacles and reach her destination unharmed. The options you choose for Nour will decide whether she will be able to make it to 50 distinct locations and arrive at 19 possible conclusions with hugely varying end results.
  • Bury me my love Android is written in such a manner that it gives the feel of a real-life The course of the game unfolds in such a way that you start connecting to it instantly.

Realistic Gameplay!

The game has got fantastic graphics quality and a high-quality sound which will help you to get the real essence of the game. The controls are very easy to play with. You just need to use your brain wisely.

The game has already made many awards to its name including ‘Best meaningful play’ at 14th IMGA, ‘Best Emotional mobile and handheld game’ at Emotional Games Awards and many more to name. Gamers just love the essence of it.

It costs you only some dollars to get this award-winning game on your phone. It is available in the play store and is supported by all types of devices.

So hurry up and download the game right away to experience the way of Majd and Nour and give yourself an emotional stir. Play Survive: The Lost Lands and learn how to survive.

Have A Good Time Playing Bury me, my Love on Android!


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