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You can download the Castle of Illusion APK game for free from our website.

It is mindboggling and mildly terrifying to watch a console game, getting ported to the Android platform and actually working pretty well! With plenty of high-profile games releasing every other weekend, a large chunk of them is getting a fresh life on the Android platform. One such recent entry to the mobile arena is the Disney Castle of Illusion Apk game.

About Castle of Illusion Android

Let’s talk about the game

This game is a re-mastered version of the 90s hit Sega Genesis games. The game is quite simple, much like the bygone era – rescue your famous mouse, Minnie from the grasp of an evil witch, Mizrabel.

This game remains true to its roots with mostly 2D gameplay and occasional 3D exploration. However, Mickey mouse’s abilities are somewhat limited with only jumping off enemies (like Mario) and throwing apples at enemies – that’s it!

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Is the gameplay good enough?

For the most part of Castle of Illusion Apk, simple schemes work fine. One slowly makes his way past several themed levels (like Sonic Dash), tackling “cute” but challenging obstacles. For instance, there’s a part where you’d be run like hell from a boulder shaped like Indiana Jones. There’s another section, where you’re forced to look into the mirror for a “real” path to travel across a gap. As the game progresses, you are thrust onto newer stages with even bizarre but funny concepts.

However, a significant drawback with the game’s design is that it feels uneven as you progress. While some levels are intricately detailed, others pretty much resemble a dull, repetitive landscape like Subway Surfers. It’s not that some parts are flawed, yet there’s room for plenty of improvements. For instance, the Boss fights section feels blatantly implemented just to wiz through motions, lacking any genuine tension.

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Where Castle of Illusion scores the best?

Despite a few setbacks, the game is pretty solid! It works perfectly in Android devices and is a delight to play on AMOLED devices. It’s not just the display that is visually stunning; the ‘soul’ behind this game has been faithfully recreated. You’d experience no lags and ‘hiccups’ whatsoever and goes well on your device’s RAM and GPU. Though, high GPU-enabled devices will score significantly better than moderate devices. But, it’s a pleasure nonetheless to play across all Android devices including tablets.

The highlight of this game is the jump from 2D from 3D emulation within a blink of an eye. The bonus is the controls which feel fluid and no annoying advertisements on the game’s interface. But, like most quality games, the Castle of Illusion Apk Android game normally isn’t free! However, the price is kept low compared to what you get. You can download it for free from our site, below, at no cost.

The only ‘hiccup’ in this entire game is the position of the red button used for throwing apples. It feels oddly placed as it interferes with the game if you’ve got a thick thumb. Apart from that, this game fares quite well in all the other sectors.

Wrapping it up

Point blank, Disney Castle of Illusion Android is an incredibly fun experience. It’s light yet packs quite a punch. It’s incredible how the developers built this game. The mobile version of this game even blurs the line with console-worthy graphics and controls. In the coming future, games like these will lead the way.Simple, Satisfying, and Quality – Makes Castle Of Illusion Worth Exploring

Have fun playing the Castle of Illusion game on Android!


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