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Death Road to Canada is an innovative approach in the world of internet games that makes you travel an adventurous route. The route starts from Florida and ends in Canada. You can download the game for free from our website.

It’s a game designed as a daring trip to Canada by road on the part of the player. The task involves various activities and hazardous driving.

Play if you are an adventure lover.

About the game

In the game Death Road to Canada, everything is randomized. The game has several parts. You will have to manage innumerable jerking while going through the cities. On your way, you will surely encounter strange people. You don’t need to give importance to them. The main obstacle that you will have to face is the zombies. There are not a few but 500 zombies coming in your way in a random manner attacking you.

Not only that you will also come across various characters created with special character traits and abilities. Again, you can hire a guy with muscles who has the strength to drive you safely to Canada. He is the “All in one” personality.

Then you will have to make sure that the team members don’t get involved in combat between themselves. Enjoy the disturbance of meeting “custom characters” so that they can cause trouble in the course of your journey. Take care so that they are finished purposefully. You may mistakenly destroy them.

There are numerous events that are kept secretly stored for you. The different members of your team are bestowed with diverse personalities. So you have to guide them. You will be given various weapons to slay zombies such as hockey sticks, boomerangs, battleax, and lightning bolts, and so on. You can engage yourself in making tough choices at events concerning the text. This task may vary according to your team.

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Your Destiny Will Lead you to Canada

Your destiny in the world of Death Road to Canada will perhaps favor you if you are lucky. If you are an adventure lover you will love to play this game. But the game will teach you a lesson on how to take risks and jump into bold deeds.

You will get the scope to praise yourself. With the fall that you are a hero and you have to reach your destination, make a good start. You can place yourself in the role of a handsome hero who journeys from Florida encountering various obstacles on his way. He is desperate to reach Canada, the second-biggest country on Earth after Russia.

After you reach Canada, you yourself will feel that you have reached the last and the ending nation on the Globe. You can play the game alone. Again, you can play the game with your friends and family.

Benefits that You Get

The game Death Road to Canada has realistic as well as effective sounds. Listen to Canadian jokes for entertainment. The game is designed with the benefit of repayment to a massive level but is presented only in one version, English. It supports the Bluetooth game padding controller. So, what are you waiting for? Start playing now. You may also want to play the Thimbleweed Park.

Jump into Risky Adventure While Playing it!

Have A Good Time Playing Death Road to Canada on Android!


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