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Neverending Nightmares: A psychological game that really tests your mental capabilities You can download the game for free from our website.

About the game

Neverending Nightmares Apk is a really thought-provoking game and few games of the same type are available on mobile phones these days. The game has been developed and derived from the developer’s actual experiences with mental issues. In this game, you have the role of the protagonist Thomas who finds himself awakened from a nightmare. Play this new Bury me, my Love.

Soon enough, he, however, realizes that he has only awakened from one dream to another.  As he keeps on dreaming, it is seen that he progresses through the different blood-curling and hellish levels. As a gamer, you also become a part of Thomas’s journey.

Survive the Game

Thomas needs to hide and escape from all the horrifying apparitions and spirits that he encounters. Other than the apparitions that abound outside, Thomas also needs to rage battles with his inner demons. He needs to realize that the demons that he is encountering, are actually a manifestation of his own dark thoughts.

Neverending Nightmares provides a really cerebral and psychological setup for the gamers to exploit. Thomas needs to get out of his never-ending nightmares and get back to reality. He needs to understand the kind of reality that he wakes up to may be quite shocking for him.

Full Dose of Psychological Cocktail

Everything that you can associate with a psychological game, can be found inside Neverending Nightmares Apk. This is one game unlike many that can really creep you out of your bones. This game is different from all the previous ones that you might have encountered on the internet.

You will find that everything in the game is literally dripping with depression, maniacal situations, and of course a sense of existential dread. The looks of this game are such, that you have never encountered before. It is able to very successfully capture the fact that a certain tension engulfs you before an imminent event and builds on that fear factor. Pokemon Go is one of the best adventure games you can play on Android.

Creating a Suitable Atmosphere

You can find some shades of classic horror games here too. You are stuck in your nightmares here for long and hence sometimes the game may seem to be a tad repetitive. The element of horror is quite strong in this game and the desolate walls with blood splattered across it tell you the same story always.


You do not have too many jumps scares inside this game. However, the impending sense of something ominous occurring is difficult to ignore throughout the game. You can go around in a very simple point-and-click manner in the Neverending Nightmares Android game. The game is set in a black and white world, however, everything tangible is colored.

This means you can interact with those things. you do not really have to think too much about what you need to do next in the game. The story itself is so powerful that it seems to breathe down your neck at every instant. Play the new Death Road to Canada.

All in all, the aim of Neverending Nightmares is not to scare you out of your wits. You are in a game, an old house of memories, loneliness, and some dreams that you never seem to leave behind. So download it below and start your adventure!

Have A Good Time Playing Neverending Nightmares APK!


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