Adventure games are always considered to be the most unique games of every game that are available online. Actually, they don’t come with a specific genre. Their genre is diverse and may also include several other genres within itself. A game can only be called an adventure game if it takes the players on an adventure. The adventure can be anything from treasure hunting to a rescue mission.

Therefore, we have enlisted down some of the craziest adventure android games of the era. They are so thrilled that you won’t be able to take hands off them. They are Witch Spring 4, Another Eden, The Swords of Ditto, Square Enix Games, Rusty Lake (Cube Escape), The Room: Old Sins, Pokémon Go, Old School RuneScape, Oddmar, Monument Valley 2, Layton Series, Grand Mountain Adventure, Evoland 2, Crashlands, 80 Days, etc.

Every one of them is unique in their own way. They let you travel in submarines, ships, fly your own airship, etc. You can tour the whole world and indulge yourself in a reckless collection of coins and heroic badges. Every fantasy gets real by playing these games. They help you learn tricks to tackle every adverse situation.