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Portal Knights – The Best Survival Action Role Play Game. You can download the game for free from our website.

About the game

Portal Knights is an independent action video game, which involves role play.  The original paid version was developed by Keen Games and was first released in 2016. It was released for various technologies, like Xbox, PlayStations, and Android.

How did it evolve?

The game Portal Knights evolved, when it was first launched in the market in February 2016. It was simultaneously released on various platforms. The mobile release of the game occurred in 2017. In 2019, it was released as one of the free PlayStation games. You may also want to try playing Pokemon GO.


Portal Knights APK is a role-playing game, which gives the player a multiplayer sandbox arena. The players can play in this environment and bash up monsters. The player can build weapons and that included axes, swords, and other tools to smash blocks, kick about some monsters and construct buildings. You can buy the best armor and more. It is similar in places to other such games.

This 3D game is sure to blow your mind away. Bash monsters; build buildings, craft weapons, and what not? You can simply get wild with your imagination, in this awesome game.

Game Features

  • You get to play with RPG genre. That includes warriors, rangers, and mages.
  • You can get into strategic combat.
  • Take part in the great battles.
  • You can toss between, randomly generated worlds.
  • You can roam the best of sci-fi places, meet colorful characters and recruit them.
  • Build your own, private island. You can roam about in peace. Be the creator.
  • Create an arsenal of your own.
  • Play with friends on Wi-fi.
  • You can also play on private servers with a maximum of 4 friends.

The game is available in many languages, like English, French, German, Italian, and many more.

Pros and Cons


  • The combat is pretty engaging.
  • The story and the mission are really enthusiastic.
  • You have full freedom to build anything you want.


  • The environment can get busy at the time, due to multi-players.
  • The menu looks confusing for some people.

Portal Knights Reviews

People from all over the world have given some, really rave reviews about this game. It is like the RPG version of Minecraft. You can let your imagination run wild. It is a big bad world out there. The more people play, the game, the more they fall in love with it. You can spend hours of fun on this mobile game.

Some say that, if you are playing this game for quite some time now, you will not find it that engaging. Things have got refined, playing methodology remains the same. There is fun to be had with unlockable skills.

It offers some freedom of expression, like with other RPG games. You can build and create anything, almost anything you want. Your design strategies gain fulfillment, your craft to play such games get more refined. It is the best upliftment. Squires’ Knoll, Fracture are all very enticing.

The characters have grown in them, they get more motivated to explore further. So, all in one it is the best of the current RPG games so far. It is very good to play and pass your time.

Have A Good Time Playing Portal Knights on Android!


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