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Can Arcade Genre Re-Establish Them By Introducing Games Like Sonic Runners Adventure?

Whenever we hear a game developed by Gameloft a particular set of expectations gets built in our minds. Similar is the story with Sonic Runners Adventure. The original game is developed by Gameloft. And it’s breaking new records every day ever since its launch.

You can download the game for free from our website.

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About the game

The protagonist of the game is a well-known animated figure from our childhood. His name is Sonic. The game Sonic Runners Adventure is a journey of our favorite blue hedgehog. He takes on his adventure. The game from the very first level made the users realize that it means business. No slow build-up of the difficulty is seen. Each level is packed with adventure. They can surely question the ability of quality gamers.

The game Sonic Runners Adventure is mostly meant for Android devices quite readily available at a moderate price on the Google Play Store. You can download it for free tho, from our website. The game will make several players nostalgic. The game belongs to the almost extinct category of the arcade game.

 The return of the Arcade games

Once upon a time, arcade games achieved legendary status. Mostly due to its pure gameplay and unique and smooth user interface. The original game developed by Gameloft didn’t try to tamper with it. They tried their level best to give the users pure joy playing arcade games. The user needs to survive each by using the four instincts of Sonic: run, jump, dash and fly to reach the next level.

The Sonic Runners Adventure comes with several other characters that need unlocking as the game proceeds further. The other characters that our users will come across are Tail, Knuckles, Shadow, and many more.

No one can imagine a game based on Sonic and not come across his nemesis, Dr. Eggman. In the game, Sonic needs to stand against his nemesis. Also, he needs to save his universe from getting destroyed. The game revolves around four iconic locations which anyone can easily relate to if they ever came across Sonic in their childhood.

Pros of downloading the game

The significant positives a user can get while playing this game are that he can dive into his childhood days and relive those nostalgic moments. The compact size of the game and moderate requirement to run the game makes it a crowd favorite.

The user interface and simple gameplay

When we talk about arcade games, another thing that comes to our mind is the mind-blowing soundtracks these games used to use in their games. The Sonic Runners Adventure is no different and one can kill some free time and may get addicted to the game very quickly. The game has also incorporated some bonus missions to improve the gaming experience of the user. Also to make it more challenging.

The most common problem we face nowadays with Android games, it requires an internet connection. The game mentioned above does not fall in that category. A person can enjoy the journey of Sonic without using any connectivity.

Room for improvement

The reviews on the website mostly mixed with a majority of the users pretty much satisfied with the gaming experience. There are some problems related to the technicality of the game that got reported. The developers at Gameloft have quite a good reputation in the market, and we can hope that the issues will get resolved soon.

Have A Good Time Playing Sonic Runners Adventure APK on Android!


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