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If you want to experience history in Japan and its army, this is the game for you. This Ninja simulation game will surely give you the thrills, you are seeking.

You can download Ninja Village APK game for free from our website.

About Ninja Village Android


The story is about a fallen warlord. As, soon as one falls, the other wannabes, team up to mitigate an attack. You, the player has to take the lead and train your ninjas in the style of 16-century warfare. The main aim is the unity of Japan.

You will be producing food, handicrafts, and other goods to sell the travelers. Also, try the Galaxy Attack Mod Apk.

The background is the Sengoku period in feudal Japan. You will be expected to build your village, back from ground zero. You need to protect all your fellow villagers and defeat those who, try to harm you. You need to provide the best weapons, to your ninjas in Ninja Village.

Battles to Be Fought

You can choose multiple battles to fight. You need to choose the units, carefully. There are three levels of battles. If you are unable to defeat your opponents, it leads to a draw.

At different levels, Ninja Village unlocks different units. The various units are:


This unit allows you to forge ahead and hit your enemies. You can also get into close combat with this defensive unit. You also make sure, to guard your infantry against all obstacles.


This strategy is used to shoot the rear line of infantries. This is not a suitable mode for close combat.


Attack with piercing gunshots. They have enough power to shoot down an entire infantry.


As the name suggests, a striker on horses. They charge in the end, to bring down a stubborn enemy.

There are numerous structures, at different levels of the game. They are Environment, Industry, and Shops.

Your villagers are the life of your village. Villagers take up different units and adopt different role strategies.

Ninja Village APK is a simulation game from Kairosoft and is making heads turn. This game is the gaming company’s 20th unique game.


The game is all praises, from different quarters. However, some players have said, that a map could help. The game screen needs to be adjusted for different types of screens. People have absolutely loved this game Ninja Village Android and are inclined towards purchasing more updates. Some say it is really nice for killing time. It is one of the best Kairosoft games, so far. For more free games, download Geometry Dash APK.

Few have said that the game is very interesting in the beginning; however, it tends to get a bit boring in the end. Re-installation has to be done in certain cases and Kairosoft is looking into that aspect. Some have suggested the addition of more gaming zones.  They weren’t a new arena or continent, to play in. Some are looking for more variety.

Some people are getting confused and asking whether it is a city game or a ninja game.

However, all in all, this is a great game to play. You can give it a try and install it on your phone.

Ninja Village – The Ultimate Japanese Guerilla Game for Now.

Have A Good Time Playing the Ninja Village game on Android!


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  1. articuno96 says:

    Works like a charm!thanks!

  2. Horace says:

    Fast and easy to install, the game is working perfectly

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