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Peace, Death – Are They Synonymous?

You can download the Peace Death APK game for free from our website.

On the morning of your 18th birthday, you are very excited to become an adult. But little do you realize that with turning 18, comes the added weight of taking care of your own life and figuring out how to live by your own standards. And you cannot sustain life without money. The only way to earn money is by getting employed. Peace, Death begins in a similar setup where after a probation period of 7 weeks you are hired for a permanent job. You ascend to become a Grim Reaper from a Grim Reaper Trainee.

About Peace Death Android

What is Peace Death?

The recent simulator game developed and published by Azamatika is Peace Death. This game is devised for different platforms including Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. While some say it is a weirdly interesting game, some beg to differ. So, let’s have a look at what this game is all about.

The story revolves around the everyday life of a reaper trying to survive and sustain himself in the crazy world of Apocalypse, Inc. His four bosses include Pain, Pestilence, Famine, and Death. He mostly reports to Death and works as a front desk guy at the purgatory. His job is to send the souls of the deceased either to hell or heaven. He can choose Led Zeppelin’s way and choose the stairway to heaven for the soul or make him go down to hell. Initially, the game starts easy and there are just demons and angels. You can gen unlimited coins resources in Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter MOD APK.

But with each day, the complexity increases, and the conditions applied for getting entry to heaven to become restrictive. The reaper must look out for thorns under the hats of seemingly harmless people to know the truth about their character. But with your eyes open you can easily learn to differentiate between who goes to hell and who goes to heaven and you become the master grim reaper.

How do you play Peace Death?

It is a simple game to play with just two buttons – one for hell and the other for heaven. This game tests the reflex action of the player and is all about intuition to gauge if a soul has its place in hell or heaven.

Is the Game Worth it?

Peace Death Android draws inspiration from a similar kind of game called Papers, Please. If you enjoyed playing Papers, you will also be drawn to Peace, Death. The use of animation is spot on and draws more players along with the intentional hilarious translations in English from the original Russian language.

The heavy metal music in the background sets the approach and ambiance right for the game for the users to enjoy. Though Peace Death APK draws inspiration from Papers, Please, it is a more jaunty and less depressing game than the latter.

The game has also taken a lot of inspiration from different movies and game-related events and includes cameos of Gabe Newel, AVGN, and more of the kind.

The game might be a bit boring for people who are not into this specific genre of the fast-paced style of this game which requires you to make a choice and click a button. Otherwise, this game available on Steam with a release price of $4.34 USD is worth every penny for a try.

Have A Good Time Playing Peace Death on Android!


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