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Looking to become the next Sherlock Holmes?  If this is the case, then Cluedo is the game you want for polishing your skills to catch a murderer. It is a great game for spending time either alone or simply when trying to spend more time with family. All can play together to enjoy this thrilling game for hours. From accessing the forensic test results to Cluedos which are there in the crime scene; you will have to do it all.

Cluedo Apk Information:

App nameCluedo


This is a classic game for all mystery lovers. The mystery takes place in Tudor Mansion where a murder takes place. Mr. Boddy is the character who is killed at night. One will have to join Colonel Mustard, Miss Scarlet, Mr. Green, Mrs. Peacock, Professor Plum, and Dr. Orchid who were all present at the night of the murder in that mansion.

Apart from who killed the person, one will have to seek Cluedos and find out in which room in the mansion this murder took place along with what weapon was used for murder. You may also be interested in this game Bingo Party.

In the game Cluedo, one will have to roll his/her turn and start his/her investigation by asking questions related to the case. Whether it was Miss Scarlet or Professor Plum, or someone else, it is the player’s job to find out who did it.

A player will need to solve Cluedos using remarkable deductions along with innovative logic for solving each phase of the game. Just start playing and let’s see how quickly you can solve the crime!

Features involved

Though there are many games in the market that tries to imitate Cluedo none comes close to it due to its superior features. From mind-boggling crime scenes to forensic tests, all aids in keeping this game exciting for all players, even if they play it for hours. Now let’s take a look at the features!

Play with family members

One of the essential aspects of this game, which makes it fun in the first place, is that a person can play with family members and friends and solves this crime together. It’s an amazing way to bond with family and friends and spend much need quality time whenever one wants.

Different tasks

To solve the murder and more, one will have to perform various tasks in Cluedo. This leads to players playing it for a long time without feeling bored at all. From investigating the crime scene to asking questions to different suspects, there’s a lot to do for a player. Hence, these types of different tasks keep the game fresh until one completes it.

Mind-bogging crime scenes

One will have to go through a series of potential crime scenes which is mind-boggling. It makes the game interesting but also hard for players to determine where the crime took place along with several other things like a potential murder weapon, people involved, etc.

So, without wasting any time, download Cluedo on your Android device and start playing it. After all, it is your responsibility now to solve the murder of Mr. Boddy!

Use Your Intelligence to Solve Murder in the Game Cluedo!


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