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You can download Hot Springs Story APK game for free from our website.

About Hot Springs Story Android

Hot Springs Story APK is a new-age business game. You can achieve great things with the touch of a finger. It is a fast-paced simulation game. It was developed by Kairosoft for platforms such as Android, iOS, Nintendo, and more advanced tablets.

Released in October 2018, this game is a business game, in which players are given the task of building a resort. You are required to raise profits from the same.


It is a hot resort business, built for today’s players. The player has to build an entire resort from scratch. You as a player need to act as the owner and entertain the needs of the customer as well.

Economy Varieties in Hot Springs Story

  • There are various economic types, like Bubble, Boom, Steady, Recess, and Depression. The Bubble refers to trade, in which the intrinsic value of the product decides the effects on the economy.
  • The booming economy is there, which refers to the trade cycle.
  • A steady economy refers to normal business as usual.
  • Recess refers to slow-down cycles in business.
  • Depression is a grave situation, in which there is a downturn in economic activity.

You will get to create rooms, restaurants, shopping centers, Arcadia, guest facilities. Construct the perfect Japanese garden for the guest, with lanterns, mosaic, and pine trees lining the avenue. You would also love to try The Simpsons: Tapped Out Mod Apk to find out the great features it has.

The controls of the game are extremely simple. Turn your phone, rotate the screen, touch to scroll, and pinch to zoom in and out.

Reviews from Customers

It has received mostly positive reviews.

It is basically a follow to Kairosoft’s Game Dev Story. You are the proud owner of a Japanese Hot Springs Spa. The target list is there, which all players need to follow. The targets are there for you to build and they are Tatami Room, Western room, Vending machines, massage chairs, baths, reception to name a few.

A variety of stores are used to enhance the gameplay, which is loved by all players. They are Restaurant, Souvenir Stands, Arcade, and Reading Room, Salon, Café, and more.

Hot Springs Story: Reviews are great!

People love all the Kairosoft games. This Hot Springs Story Android game is no different. Some do not work on tablets, though. That is a disappointing fact. People are asking for helpline numbers. Some say the games can be spotty, due to fluctuations in Wi-fi, there are breaks in between.

Some have reviews like the slow nature of the game. It is but fun to play this game. Facilities that cannot be rotated 360 degrees which is a concern. One more not-to-be-missed mod from our website is Machinal Instinct MOD APK.

The cost seems to be a concern, because of the features and the quality of the game. The developers need to work on that aspect. However, it is a fun game if you want to build and build resorts, cities, and more.

Some say, they really like the game. Suggestions pour in, regarding the designing aspect of the game. If the improvements are in effect, this is surely a game of the century. It is slow in bits, but good for just about anyone, looking to pass their time.

Hot Springs Story – A Business Simulation Game worth Mention.

Have A Good Time Playing Hot Springs Story Game on Android!


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