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The medical centers in a country are usually one of the busiest places to be in. If you have always looked forward to working in one of the medical centers, then with the help of Toca Life Hospital, you can fulfill that wish.

You can download the Toca Life Hospital APK game for free from our website.

About Toca Life Hospital Android

You can treat all kinds of sick patients in this hospital of yours. You can experience the joys as well as pains that hospital staff experience by playing this game. The entire circle of life gets completed while you play this game. You experience birth as well as death and of course everything else in the middle.

Circle of Birth and Death

When a newborn is welcomed into this world, the entire experience can be scary as well as exciting in nature. You can definitely experience such a thing here. There are lots of family members as well as medical teams that are present as characters in the game. Everyone will obviously care very much about the little sweet babies.

In Toca Life Hospital Android, there are moments of sadness too as some of the loved ones have to be bid goodbye. Everything happens in the game within a peaceful environment. There are different kinds of stories seen here concerned with X-Rays, checkups, etc.

Explore all Units

Like all other hospitals, the one here to has different units. In the basement, you have the garage where you will find the ambulance stationed for emergencies. There are many mysterious-looking machines in the game, you need to crack their codes in order to gain access to those labs and machines in the hospital. Moreover, download for free My Little Princess Castle Apk.

There is an entrance floor like hospitals in Toca Life Hospital. You can take your seat there as well as enjoy some snacks from the cafe. There is a floor for performing diagnoses on patients and another for performing the operations.

Game Features

When you are playing Toca Life Hospital, you have the option of exploring all the five floors present in the hospital. Like all hospitals, patients here are also required to be shifted from one floor to the next. This is the one by use of elevators, connecting all the floors. If you find a pregnant patient in the hospital, then the use of the ultrasound machine is used to determine whether the baby is well or not. The X-ray machine, as well as the CAT scan machines, are used for the gnosis of patients.

Use Different Tools in Hospitals

The sheer joy of welcoming a baby into the world is unpatrolled. You have all the different hospital tools and machines at your disposal to keep your patients well. The vital signs of patients are always required to be checked before the surgeries. There are bandages, crutches as well as wheelchairs to be used for looking after all patients. There is even a farewell room in Toca Life Hospital APK, where you bid goodbye to patients who have been cured. The theme of the game is not overly dramatic and has a mellow feel in it.

Toca Life Hospital: This Is Your Chance to Experience the Busy World of Medical Centers.

Have A Good Time Playing Toca Life Hospital on Android!


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