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Toca Life Office: All the Functioning Of an Office Brought Here For You.

You can download the Toca Life Office APK game for free from our website.

About Toca Life Office Android

When you are playing Toca Life Office, you will experience all the different activities that adults engage in inside offices. You can set about experiencing office life in the way that you imagine it to be. Regular office life almost seems to be fun in the beginning. You will be dealing with laptops, printers, etc.

During the lunch hours, you can have a tour fill in the cafes and get whatever money you require from banks. There are lots of hidden surprises that you can get while playing this game. Your character may begin to feel like a superhero, once you hop into one of those helicopters from the office.

Explore your Office

The first stop that you will find here is the daycare center. This is a place for really young kids. Here you can play different instruments as well as a play about in the mud. There are also slides present here. The bank is, of course, a stronghold, and valuables are kept here in a secured manner.

Whenever you hear the alarms going off here, it means trouble and you need to spring into action. The printer is used here for printing out different important office documents. The copy machine in Toca Life Office Android, helps you make copies of those documents really fast. There are puzzles on desks that are required to be solved. My Little Princess Castle Apk is free to use from our website.

Floors in the Building

In the apartment as well as the rooftop of the office, there are many exciting things to discover. You can experiment with different food items in the rooftop café. When people have a helicopter waiting, they can make a fast gateway using it. You can even do some detective work in Toca Life Office APK. This unfolds in the courthouse, where you hold trials and announce your verdict. The apartment is the place to relax, cook after the office ends. You sleep as well as wash your clothes here.

Game Features

As discussed earlier, the different places where the game can be played is really versatile. You will see action, right from a courthouse to jail with a secret exit. You can even find a storage building having a fire-pole. In the whole game, there are 35 characters you can meet. There are also costumes present in hidden locations. These costumes have the ability to turn the characters into superheroes. Toca Life Office always springs surprises for players when they least expect it.

Find all surprises in the game

There are many secret compartments that you can discover in the game. The glass elevator in the building helps you to move from one floor to another. Lots of valuable things are also kept inside the safety deposit boxes. The entire office is quite big in size and therefore has quite a few hiding places. It is actually quite funny to be able to play with a jellyfish in the aquarium.

Toca Life Office makes the whole routine of attending offices fun. In the café, you will have the chance of whipping up very tasty as well as great-looking meals.

Have A Good Time Playing Toca Life Office on Android!


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