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Arrange Puzzles in Game Format and Forge Ahead – A Twist to Unravel.

If you are fond of puzzles, then this game is just right for you. This sequel to the first in series, FRAMED is quite interesting.

You can download FRAMED 2 APK game for free from our website.

About FRAMED 2 Android

FRAMED 2 has a number of fun puzzles and cool artwork. The animations and other characters lend a lot of fun to the story. You can find some new characters and equipment to play with.

There are some tactics that have been added on and have contributed to the story. This game factually is a representation of a comic book. You simply re-arrange panels or puzzles, as you might call it, and change the ending of the story from one instance to the other. FRAMED 2 APK is very much compatible with Android. Also, if you wanna get Unlimited Gems resources on your game account, then you definitely must try Toon Blast MOD APK.

Game Play

FRAMED 2 is very convenient to play. You will get a simple step enlisted below.

  • You get to put things straight. It is a puzzle game, that you will enjoy playing. You get to play wrong at certain times, which makes the game more interesting.
  • You can collect several game points, en route and gain more power. Collect Polaroid and forge ahead.
  • You can even control the game’s settings from your phone.
  • There are various chapters, which you can go through and relax and unwind in the process.
  • This game will test your brain’s capabilities in solving various puzzles and is now to addict any user.


FRAMED 2 has been downloaded several times and many reviews have been recorded. It is a fascinating game that will open up your thought process. It is not just about bashing and crashing, as in action games, but it is a mind game. It can seem a bit difficult. However, it is a mind game to open up your senses. You will start liking the game and it will engage you further. The game length is short and it makes it all the more interesting.

Some reviewed, that the game is amazing and some have said it is frustrating. The challenges do put off some players, who are more comfortable with fast-paced games, which do not require memorizing strategies. This game, the same as Hexasmash 2 has got its share of plus and minus points.

The music sometimes stops playing in between and that brings in some hindrance to the gameplay.

Some do not like the dialogue-less game and it can seem a bit boring at times. However, we feel the game sequel has more character than the first game in the series. The theme and locales keep changing, throughout the game and that lends quite some character to the game.

The focus and approach towards the puzzles and the game, in general, will be interesting enough.  The cartoon-like depictions of characters are also quite enjoyable and the different solutions-to-same-problem approach is quite a thinker. Puzzle game, Slayaway Camp Apk is an interesting option to download.

Some regular players are very much impressed with the game. There have been numerous improvements in the second part. You can enjoy it to the hilt and as per reviews, it is worth the money. So, start thinking of puzzles and mind games and download FRAMED 2 Android games.

Have A Good Time Playing FRAMED 2 on Android!


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