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Life in the Mysterious House of Da Vinci.

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About The House of Da Vinci Android

In 2017, a team of 3D puzzle game enthusiasts named Blue Brain Games developed a new puzzle game called The House of Da Vinci based on the historical period of Renaissance and one of its major contributors – Leonardo Da Vinci.


Based in Florence, Italy during the period of Renaissance, the game lets you play as the most promised apprentice of the legend – Leonardo Da Vinci. The player is invited to witness a discovery which according to his master can change the history of the world. But on arrival to see what the discovery is, you realize that Leonardo is nowhere to be found. It happens so that Leonardo has gone missing and the objective of this game is to find him by tweaking your grey cells and solving different puzzles of varying standards in The House of Da Vinci APK.

Game Plan

The game begins with comparatively easy riddles to solve which includes moving around the things present in the house of Da Vinci and looking at minute details to find out clues to find out messages left by your master and finding him. But with each level, the puzzles get more complex.

Once you have crossed certain stages of solving increasingly complex puzzles, you gain two superpowers. One of the superpowers lets you see hidden things behind the walls and the other one helps you look at the past. With the help of these superpowers and the occasional letters that you find written by both your master and the enemy, you get closer to knowing the truth about your master and finding him. Also, try a mod game with cool features in Toon Blast.

The game progresses in a manner where you cannot jump from one room to another unless you successfully solve the puzzles in the present room. Although you can choose which puzzle to do first in a single room. However, there are times that the answer to one puzzle is the hint for the next one and hence you are forced to follow the sequence.

Game Features

The House of Da Vinci is an extremely engaging game. Though it starts easy, soon the player will have to look for hints to solve the puzzles. The additional bonus for the game is its exceptionally well-composed background music and the sound controls which do not interrupt the general atmosphere of the game.

The sensitivity of the touchpad is too good, such that at times the sensor multitasks for different options and makes a choice that you would have otherwise not made. But this only happens when played in small screen sizes.

The game also has a touch with reality by using the concept of handwritten clues on papers that lets the player connect to the idea of being in a mystery quest himself rather than on a mobile platform.

The only feature of the game that draws a bit of negative attention or criticism is that in the process of drawing inspiration from another masterpiece game called The Room, The House of Da Vinci Android has directly adopted a lot of features from the former. And in doing so, The House of Da Vinci is just old wine in a new bottle.

Have A Good Time Playing The House of Da Vinci on Android!


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