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Are you keen on keeping your mind busy with something or the other? Or finding it difficult, to pass tiring hours waiting for someone. Minesweeper Pro is just at your rescue.

You can download the Minesweeper Pro APK game for free from our website.

It can not only just swipe your boredom away but also give you a pretty good time. Just venture into its world of mystery and you are sure to be awestruck.

About Minesweeper Pro Android

How does Minesweeper Pro look?

The interface is quite simple containing boxes in length and breadth forming a table. The boxes contain the mines which the gamer needs to sweep through. The boxes also contain a number which is a clue to find mines.

The display contains a timer and a total number of mines the table contains. A smiley! Yes, it gives an instant response to what you click. Minesweeper Pro APK doesn’t come with a single color, but you can play in classic, dark and light themes.

Why play such a game?

The aim of the Minesweeper Pro Android game is to get evidence from numbers that get displayed in the boxes. Evidence of what? It gives the gamer clues to unfold the mysteries of the location of mines.

How to play? Is it easy?

Yes, but you have to be tricky. You would miss out on the first attempt if you happen to click a box containing a mine. You lose the game. Never mind, you can start another with a few clicks. On the first click, a series of boxes gets unfolded.

There you have numbers in them. Look to the corners where the numbers end and search for the clues. The numbers are 1, 2, 3, or 4. The immediate 9 boxes containing a number, having the numbered box right at the center of 9 boxes will contain as many mines as the number.

This seems quite puzzling, so it is. Minesweeper Pro has a great deal of enigma than it really seems. It is almost as Macbeth was instructed: “Look like the innocent flower but be the serpent under it”.

Say the number is 1, in most cases, it is so. The box containing 1 right at the center has 8 boxes surrounding it. So there can be only 1mine in all of the boxes altogether. In them you may have already opened up 6 boxes, so the remaining two will have the mine. You have to open the box not containing the mine. Likewise, enjoy playing Empires and Puzzles Apk.

Or you may flag the one containing the mine. You can change the selection of opening up and flag by clicking a button at the top. It’s wiser to flag them than open up. Why? Like the opening, a box containing mine would result in stopping the timer that eventually results in the ending of the game.

“Two sides of the same coin”

One is probability and the other is reasoning. In some situations, there may be exactly half the probability of having the mine in a box. In those cases, shrewd guesswork would suffice. In going through Minesweeper Pro you must keep an eye on the number of mines you have opened or flagged. This makes it easier to guess what can be the locations of the remaining mines.

The Minesweeper Pro game demands reason too, you can really give quality time behind this which would sharpen your logic while sweeping although for mines. Without much ado bring it to your handheld device.

You Can Absolutely Sweep Aside Your Boredom By Minesweeper Pro!

Have A Good Time Playing Minesweeper Pro on Android!


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    It works like a charm !

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